Wednesdays are Great!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006
Today has been a fantastic day! I suddenly heart Wednesdays. Despite missing my first bus, and therefore the second bus-from-hell, it was one of those days that just make you smile all day long. It started at work where we had our "Secret Santa" gift exchange. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and we all ended up with unique, mystery kitchen gadgets. Some were not so mysterious but they were a lot of fun. My secret Santa gave me a set of four glass espresso cups with matching saucers. Now I just need him to bring me an espresso maker! I suppose I could use them for jello shots.

We got very little done in the office today - most of the afternoon was spent discussing who was the better Bond. It was decided that as none of us had seen the new version of Casino Royale, we could not judge Daniel Craig in relation to the other Bond boys. Therefore, we have planned an after work outing on Friday to go for drinks and observe his performance first hand. We had originally attempted to write it off as an off-site team meeting to discuss the differences in the employment benefits between CSIS and MI-6 personnel but this was axed as we could not figure out how to expense the popcorn and jujubes. After making all the necessary arrangements, the search was on for comparable pics of all the Bonds. However, we soon discovered that one of our coworkers was becoming slowly obsessed with the newest super spy. This picture was circulated around our office and our one lone male colleague identified the gun as a .9mm (but I cannot confirm if this is accurate). However, he failed to include the "mm". The newly obsessed female coworker then posed the question "Is he packing 9mm or 9inches?". Much laughter ensued.

I headed home full of giggles and checked my mail as soon as I reached my apartment. Inside was my first Christmas card of the season from the lovely Barbara B. Yay for me! It made my day. However, hiding beneath the card in my mailbox and buried amongst a bunch of flyers was a note from the post office. Apparently they had a parcel waiting for me. I was intrigued but not completely surprised as I was expecting a parcel soon from a friend. It seemed a bit fast for it to arrive but I figured that Canada Post had finally got their act together. The post office was very busy, people sending off last minute parcels and mailing all their Christmas/Hannukah cards. As the clerk handed me the parcel, I was a bit puzzled. I didn't order anything from Amazon. It turns out it was a completely unexpected present from a different friend who shall remain nameless. And to top it off, I was planning on surprising this person but got beaten to the punch. That's it, someone's going on Santa's naughty list.

Overall, a day of lovely surprises all around. I'm feeling super peachy! Thanks to everyone for making it such a wonderful Wednesday.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Yay! I love it when days turn out way better than expected. It's funny, my first card was from you as well! It's a karma thing.

And a parcel and movie plans! I want to be you!

Anonymous said...

i like the new bond, i thought it was the best bond movie since connery

Sniffy said...

I can't wait for next Wednesday, when I finish for Christmas. I don't want a Secret Santa, or lots of cards from colleagues who I don't really care about (miserable, i know, but there you have it), I just want to finish for my holiday and some quality time with loved ones and family. So next Wednesday will be great.

Bond? Not seen it, and I'm not really interested because the other Bonds never really floated my boat. But this is supposed to be very different and very good.

Sheamus the... said...

I made out like a bandit at a white elephant gift exchange yesturday. I got a Walmart gift card. Who brings a gift card to those things?
I loved Casino Royale and Craig. I hope you do as well.

Wandering Coyote said...

I'm so glad you had such a great day! I love Daniel Craig but am not a huge Bond fan at all. I hope you enjoy it. I've heard it's much different than all the other Bonds, which I suppose is a good thing. Have you seen The Mother?

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