Better Mood

Thursday, January 18, 2007
Ended up in bed last night at 8:30. That's early even for me. However, it seemed to help. That, and the huge crying fit I had in the shower this morning. No idea where that came from but I'm a girl so I suppose I'm allowed to do that every now and again, right?

Robert Pickton finally goes on trial next week, however the trial is being split into two as to try him for all 26 murders at once would take too long. The first trial, beginning on Monday will cover the first 6 murders. I don't understand how he seriously expects any outcome other than guilty. The remains of these women were found buried on his pig farm! The CBC website I've included has a number of links to various issues surrounding the crimes/trial, interactive maps, and information on the missing women.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I cannot imagine being a jurer on those trials, can you? That would be very difficult.

Maria said...

Isn't it intersting/such a coincidence that we both were in a bad mood last night? I wonder if we're lacking protein or something. I had peanut butter with my lunch today just to help a bit.

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