Buddy, Can You Spare a Life Preserver?

Sunday, January 21, 2007
My toilet overflowed tonight. We're not just talking about needing a quick use of the plunger. Nope, it overflowed all over the bathroom floor (just water, there was no ... contents). I grabbed my plunger from under the sink and gave it a good up and down pounding. The water went down fairly quickly. I am a fix-it genius. To test out my awesome plunging technique, I gave it a flush. Bad idea. It overflowed again. Yikes! As my bathroom isn't that big, the water quickly started to attack the carpet in the hallway. Great, just what I needed. I grabbed every last towel, sheet and facecloth I could find, threw them on the floor and ran upstairs to grab the manager. Thank goodness he was home. Without going into the whole event, let's just say that he ended up overflowing the toilet once himself as well. Great. I hope I managed to get it all cleaned up before it started really soaking into anything...the last thing I need is mould. The cats, however, were quite fascinated by what I can only assume must have appeared to them to be a flood of biblical proportions. I swear one of them meowed "Noah" at one point.


kelly said...

next time a toilet floods...there a little silver knob in back of the toilet near the floor where the water comes in....close it as quickly as possible.....i found out once too

Wandering Coyote said...

So what was the cause? I hope the landlord was able to fix it.

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