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Wednesday, January 24, 2007
Thought I’d give everyone a little update on the aftermath of the veggie challenge. I received a very nice comment on my last veggie post where I mentioned what I felt was the political nature of the emails the Toronto Vegetarian Association had sent during the week. I understand the reason behind their message and I’m not discounting what they are trying to do. In fact, I would love to see more people go vegetarian or at the very least, try alternate sources of protein including nuts and tofu. It was great that the TVA took the time to read my comments and address them. I’m going to be adding a list of links to the sidebar and I’ll certainly include one to their organization. Kudos to the GTA veggies!

I believe I mentioned that we were heading out for burgers on Monday as a bizarre, sick sort of celebration for the end of the challenge. I did not, in fact, end up getting a burger. We arrived at the mall and headed off the food court. Standing in line though, I just couldn’t stomach the thought of beef at that moment. I opted for the chicken burger instead. Figuring it was deep fried and battered, I was surprised to find that it was in fact an actual chicken breast, no breading, and it was grilled, not fried. It should have been delicious but it was not. I ate only half and I had to force myself to do that. No, I have not decided to completely give up meat, it was probably because I just wasn’t hungry. I was also being taunted by the delicious looking steamed broccoli at the Chinese buffet next door…

My big task this week has been to organize our office lottery group. You’d think it would be easy (I certainly did) but alas it is not so. When there could be potentially millions of dollars at stake, you have to make sure you cover your butt. Thank goodness for the internet and the input of others.

The goal of completing five things on my To Do list this year is underway. My copy of War and Peace arrived in the mail the other night. As soon as I work my way through Don Quixote, I will be devoting myself to the joy that is Tolstoy. Yikes – 1400+ pages… This should be interesting. Also, a date has been set for Karaoke night! If you’re going to be in Edmonton on Monday, February 12th, stop by On The Rocks to watch me humiliate embarrass myself. The juggling has not yet been started, I’m saving my pennies for the corset, and training is underway (sort of) for the ½ marathon. Stay tuned for further updates.

Photo courtesy of Louis79 via Flickr.


kelly said...

for those of us that can't make it to edmonton for the'll post video?

word verification today: wampx....i like that wamp-x

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