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Tuesday, January 30, 2007
That’s the catch phrase for one of Edmonton’s best eateries, Dadeo’s.

We finally got around to going out for the January office birthday lunch. There are two places that all of us can ever agree on – Allegro’s and Dadeo’s. As we opted for Italian at Christmas time, today it was Cajun. Dadeo’s is a tiny little hole-in-the-wall diner located on Whyte Avenue. Decorated in kitschy 1950’s era furniture, it has a long counter with swivel stools to sit at and cozy booths for two line the walls. The upper walls are covered in old Brunswick bowling alley covers (the big plates that hide the pins and machinery). When you combine the décor with groovy zydeco and 50’s Motown tunes, not to mention some of the best food in town, you can’t go wrong. The only thing that doesn’t really fit into the whole scene (at first glance anyways) is the staff – mostly alternative looking university students. However, since it’s Whyte Avenue, you wouldn’t expect them to look any different.

Dadeo’s is famous in Edmonton for two things – kick ass Po’Boy Sandwiches (and cheap Po’Boy on Mondays and Tuesday) and Uncle Avi’s Sweet Potato Fries (SPF). Do you remember the old McDonald’s catch phrase, “Keep Your Eyes on Your Fries”? My dad still says it before he steals one. Anyway, this is certainly true when dining at Dadeo’s. If you’ve ordered any dish with the SPF and your dining companions have not, it’s best to hold your fork in a defensive posture. Once your friends get one taste of them, they’ll be constantly trying to steal them off your plate. Seriously, these are killer. Coated in a light, spicy batter, they’re fried until just every so slightly crispy. Unlike regular fries though, the centres are quite soft – not surprising considering they are sweet potatoes. Dadeo’s serves them with a delicious herbed mayonnaise which, for some reason, disappears rather quickly. Many North Americans are not too big on fries with mayo but trust me. Once you try it, you’ll never want ketchup again.I am happy now to recommend a new dish (new to me anyways). Normally whenever I’ve gone there, I get either a grilled veggie or blackened chicken Po’Boy. Today, I branched out and opted for the BBQ’d beans with tomato rice and coleslaw. Holy crap. The beans (kidney) are cooked in a smokey BBQ sauce with onions and celery. The rice, light and fluffy with just a hint of tomato. Mix them together and it’s heavenly. Looking at it on my plate I was worried that there would be a lack of flavour – it certainly didn’t look as good as it tasted. Never judge a book by it’s cover, or a plate of Cajun food by it’s colour.

* * * * out of 5

(780) 433 - 0930
105th Street and Whyte Avenue


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