A Great "New" Band

Wednesday, January 24, 2007
I received an email from the Great White Bear today, a fellow blogger from the good ole U.S. of A. (but don't hold that against him...). He told me that he had just heard about this band from Canada and he loved them. They were called Sloan and he was wondering what I could tell him about them. At first I was a bit stunned. Surely if I had heard of Sloan, everyone must know them (I'm not really hip or "with it" when it comes to music). After I recovered from my brief moment of shock, I realized that you really don't hear much about them at all and I rarely hear them on local radio but perhaps I'm just not paying attention. What did I know about them? Not much apparently. They're Maritimers like me. They're musicians. They play good music with catchy lyrics. That's about it. I'm sure that Barbara, the Bad Tempered Zombie, must know much more than I as she's tres cool and knows just about everything when it comes to music. Below are video clips from YouTube (one video, one live performance) or my two favourite Sloan songs, Everything You've Done Wrong (my introduction to Sloan), and Who Taught You To Live Like That. The live clip isn't that great but you get the idea. Enjoy.

It's nice to know that while the Canadian music industry is churning out fairly cookie cutter bands like Nickelback and Theory of a Deadman, both of which had the potential to be really good and not just commercially successful, we can still pop out a gem like these guys every now and again. Now if only Haywire would make a comeback, I'd be happy. In case you've forgotten who they were, here's a clip of my favourite song of theirs...The One. FYI, back in the day, they played at a friend's junior high school dance. Now that's paying your dues.


Krista said...


They are probably one of my favourite bands ever. In my top ten, for sure. Their album Twice Removed is probably in my Top 20 of all time, too. My top five Sloan songs (in no particular order) would be: Coax Me, Money City Maniacs (overplayed, I know, but classic), It's In Your Eyes, If It Feels Good Do It (again, overplayed, yet classic), and The Life of a Working Girl. There is probably one or two that I am totally forgetting... but they are all good, really.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh now look what you've done! You've gone and given me a swollen head!

It is hard to believe that people don't know Sloan, isn't it? To us they are just such an institution. But sometimes they don't get the play they deserve, so kudos to you for showcasing them.
I love Coax Me too!

Pickled Olives said...

Can I tell you how musically retarded i am right now?? Thanks for introducing "New" music my way. If the kids don't tell me about them, I don't know it exists. Apparently, I am at that uncool stage.

Beth said...

Why, there's Sloan's Greatest Hits 1992-2005 sitting right there in my iTunes library. "Underwhelmed" makes me happy. Haven't listened to it lately - thanks for bringing it up.

Random recommendation from a few years back that I was listening to yesterday = The Shins 'Oh, Inverted World' - filled with fine, indie pop goodness.

Wandering Coyote said...

Haywire?? OMG - I used to love them! I haven't thought of that band in AGES!

I'm a huge Nickelback fan, BTW.

greatwhitebear said...

great songs and videos.. thanks!

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