How Embarassing

Friday, January 05, 2007
Even Bryan Hall (on right), the Donald Trump of the Edmonton hair scene (oh yeah and the local sports world), is complaining about how the Oilers are playing lately. Last night they blew a huge lead and eventually ended up losing to Dallas in a shoot out. I'm not really surprised they lost to Dallas. We have a history of problems with the team from Texas. It's the fact that they had a lead of 4-1 or something close to it and wind up losing 6-5. How sad. I hope Krista's not too upset...

Also, Hockey Fans, don't forget to catch the gold medal game of the IIHF World Junior (under20) Hockey tournament from Leksand, Sweden today. Canada vs. Russia. Oooh memories of the '72 series ... As with the previous games, you can catch it live on TSN (check your local television listings) or you can watch it on (there's a link on their homepage). The quality on the website is surprisingly good - handy for those of us who'll be working during the game.

Off to the doctor this afternoon - I'll let y'all know how it goes.


Sheamus the... said...

ha...I thought you were talking about football at first...I was like..."Houston is still called the oilers?" "They played Dallas and were winning?" Then I was saw it was hockey.

Krista said...

Oh dear. I think I am beyond upset. My support for the Oilers is becoming increasingly futile, it seems. Watching the Oilers play is a bipolar experience: unpredictably manic and exciting, and conversely, horrifyingly depressing and frustrating.

It's too bad that Dallas won in the end, though, because The Misplay of the Century by Stefan has less of the hilarious and embarrassing sting. That play alone made me feel less frustrated by the eventual Oilers' loss.

And kudos to Canada this afternoon for completing the threepeat!!!!

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