I Heart My Family

Sunday, January 14, 2007
This evening, I was invited over to my brother's place for a fabulous birthday dinner - Dave's awesome mashed potatoes, chicken roasted with a gazillion cloves of garlic, and roasted veggies. Oh yes, and cake - vanilla cake. The best flavour ever. As usual, it was delicious (dinner and the cake).

There was a huge box on the table beautifully decorated by the kids with stickers, just waiting for me to open it. I knew that I was getting a hoodie for my birthday, my brother had called from the store as he was buying it to confirm if I wanted a zipper style or pullover. Hey, it works for us - it's how he and I do things. However, the box was far too big for just a hoodie. He has a tendency to make things difficult to get into so perhaps he was trying to make me work for the sweater (it was a zipper style, dark green by the way - wooooo hoooo!). With help from the niece and nephew I managed to rip open the wrapping and the duct tape (typical Dave) and get the box open.

Waiting at the top was...a casserole dish I had left behind at Christmas. Smart ass. There was also a knitting book (yay). Below this was the hoodie. I was so excited. Turns out, it fit perfectly. Score one for the brother. However, it was wrapped around something large, hard, and .... square (get your minds out of the gutter!). I was confused. Unwrapping the jacket, I discovered that my brother had sneakily ordered a game we had found online months ago. It was "Valley of the Pharoahs" from Front Porch Classics. It looks a bit cheesey but fun, should fit in well with our family that's for sure. I was so shocked. My family is great. We didn't get a chance to play but will certainly be on the menu for the next get together.

You play a daring adventurer (basically a looter), trying to recover the Sceptre of Amun-Ra. There are many obstacles to overcome including sandstorms, raids on your party by other adventurers, and of course, the Curse of the Mummy. I'm very excited. There's even a "Wheel of Fate" you get to spin when you stop at an oasis, if you dare to trust your future to the gods. All the playing pieces are heavy, solid metal (cast in the shape of camels with packs on their backs) and the coins, which come in a linen bag, feel almost like real currency (not those cheap plastic fake coins we used to have as kids).

And we finished off the evening with "The Fireball of Tutankhamun" on the Discovery Channel (had to go with the evening's theme, right?).


kelly said...

wow....i just realized how much i miss that. Some Sunday afternoons the family would get together and have a game, could have been anything, monopoly, rummy, risk..later on pictionary and a couple others...then a nice dinner....i haven't thought of that in ages...i can remember seeing my dad he would start to laugh so hard he would cry and then I would start....and everyone else would just stare at us...."weirdos"...i can never recall what was funny...somedays i wish i was closer to my family particularly my nieces and nephews....somedays its good to be far away...particularly from my brother..

Allyson said...

Happy Birthday!! Sounds like an excellent time, with great food and great company!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Sometimes families can surprise you. What a great gift!

Holly Burnham said...

What a wonderful memory. How nice to be so close to your family.

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