I just wet myself...

Sunday, January 07, 2007
Sorry, I know that's an image no one wants to see. However, it's pretty accurate. I just checked out Shea's blog and noticed he had a new post up with a clip from YouTube. OMFG. AVP2. There is a god out there somewhere. And these guys also worked on 300, another movie I'm dying to see. Eeeeek! 2007 could be a VERY good year for movies... Here's the clip:

and the IMDb.com information.


Sheamus the... said...

WOW...i am so pleased to see another "one" of us out there.

Gardenia said...

Something to look forward to! Yea!

I just finished watching ALL of Steven King's "The Stand" today - (despite swearing off TV until packing is under control - & a short nap) while packing - first time I'd seen it all the way through. Pretty outstanding. Love Sci Fi

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