I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out

Saturday, January 20, 2007
I caught the last period of the Toronto/Pittsburgh game tonight and it was shameful. Even for the Leafs. That's bad. Entering the last period, they were trailing by a miserable 5-1. Game over. They weren't going to win (oooh there's a big surprise), so basically it's just for show. However, just because you know you're going to lose doesn't mean that you give up, which is exactly what Toronto seemed to do. They were quickly down 7-1. They did manage to finally score again but seconds later it was answered by yet another Pittsburgh goal. After the first 10 minutes of the period, I gave up counting penalty minutes, fights and game misconducts. The Leafs, obviously feeling bad about being beaten so terribly, took penalty after penalty and it seemed for a while that they couldn't get 30 seconds of actual ice time in before the gloves were off and there was the possibility that someone was about to get" jersey-ed". Mercifully, the game has just finished and the Leafs can tuck their tails between their legs and run away. I suppose that you could say the thrashing they received was due to Penguins like Sydney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, and Mark Recchi but Toronto has to take the brunt of the blame. What is wrong with them? Sure Pittsburgh's a good team but maybe if Toronto actually showed up they might just win once in a while (thank goodness my mother doesn't read this blog...she's a misguided Leaf's fan and would surely disown me).

Waiting patiently for the Battle of Alberta to begin. Despite what some (*cough cough*...you know who you are) people think, I have faith that the Oilers are going to kick some Cowtown butt tonight. Roli's in goal and looking sharp. Let's just hope that the the boys can score a few goals quickly to take some of the pressure off of him. Besides, they can't lose..they're playing in Edmonton AND Don Cherry's in da house.


candyminx said...

Ouch...I didn't see this game. Actually, it's not easy to find hockey games here on tv. Um, but I was in Canada for "hockey day" and watched Ottawa murder the Habs! And all the interviews in Nelsen, great day of hockey.

I have an idea why the Leafs suck. It's strangely related to Chicago. The Cubs don't win either.

For likely the same reason.

It doesn't matter if the Leafs have a good team or not( sorry Sundin, and I love you)...the richest team in NHL are the Leafs. The rake in all kinds of profit from merchandising. People go to the games whether they win or lose. The owners don't have to worry either way, nor do the players have any extra stress to win. Some might say that good players aren't even acquired for the seasons...because they don't spend the money...it makes no difference...people buy the tickets and the merchandizing.

Same as the Cubs at Wrigley Feild...people go to Wrigley Feild...seasona fter season, the merchandising and tickets keep the energy going...they have no reason to be motivated or to win. Owners are cherap and don't trade for excellent atheletes or cutting edge players.

As for hosckey and fights in general...well, I didn't see that game, it sounds like bad blodd.

Usually, when a fight breaks out, there is often a reason, someone has said or done something wrong and another player is defending themselves. I am not so put off by fights during games...it's a kind of "border justice" but it is part of the game and often warranted.

But like I say, from the sounds of last nights game and the Leafs being masacred...well they swere fights likely based on poorsportsmandship from the sounds of it.

Candy's one minute sports analysis!

Beth said...

I watched the better part of this game (well, maybe "better" isn't the best word to use) and it was just painful. Like you said, it was penalty city. I'd like to see The Bullies doing a bit better for assorted reasons, mostly nostalgic.

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