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Tuesday, January 09, 2007
Well, everyone’s busy getting prepared for the big storm expected to hit us any time now. We’re currently under a blizzard warning for the Edmonton Area. It’ll likely have hit us by the time I’m heading home. Guess I should have rethought my choice of outerwear before leaving the house this morning (I’m still wearing my spring jacket). Oh well, tonight will be spent cuddled up with a nice hot cup of tea and a couple of furry cats I guess. Good thing the plastic has been on the windows for a few months already. Let’s just hope that the power doesn’t go out and the pipes don’t freeze. Maybe I’ll just call my brother and see if he can’t pick me up on his way home tonight – I’m sure he’d hate for his little sis to lose a couple of digits to frost bite while waiting for the bus.

Uh oh…I suddenly can’t access most of the blogger sites that I usually check when I’m at work. And yet, I can view some of them. At first I thought it was just sites that had switched to the new blogger but no. There seems to be no clear reason why some are ok and some come up with the following “you are not authorized to view this website on this server“!!! Perhaps someone’s saying I should actually be working instead of surfing. Where’s the joy in that? The server seems very slow for just about everything else that I’m trying to do today (yes, I DO work once in a while…) so it’s likely not just me or something I’ve done.

UPDATE: Seems problem is not with me or my computer/server. I tried to log in to blogger and it’s telling me that service is temporarily unavailable. I can also now access some sites I couldn’t before but others are now down. WTF? Arrrgggghhh!

I was looking forward to taking it easy and relaxing this weekend seeing as how I’m getting older and I’ll need all the rest I can get. However, this is not meant to be. My mother has requested (and somehow made me feel guilty for not wanting to do it) that I borrow my brother’s car and then drive her around the south side of the city so she can get some shopping done. As she has Friday night off, this is when she wants to do it. What this means is that I have to pick her up right after work, drive to the other end of the city, shuttle her from store to store (no malls for this trip), and she will reward me with dinner at Ikea. I have only eaten at Ikea once and it was so so. Plus I'm not a big fan of the meatballs, Swedish or otherwise (sorry Martin). Can’t complain considering the price I guess. The big problem though is that by the time we’re done and I drive her home, return the car to my brother, and then make it back to my place, it will easily be 9 or 10PM. That’s my bedtime. Not exactly how I pictured spending my special day. Saturday – working at the new parttime job (woo hoo, I’ve got gas!). Sunday, laundry in the morning, grocery shopping either Saturday night or early Sunday afternoon and then off to my brother’s for babysitting and a late dinner. I know I shouldn’t complain and for the most part, the weekend will be fine, enjoyable even. I think the part that really bugs me is the Friday night with my mother.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my mother. But it’s how she asks you to do something. A friend of mine once told me I was very passive-aggressive. I now know what she meant and where I got it from. My mother called me on the weekend to offer to take me out for dinner on my birthday, somewhere on the south side. I was thrilled. Wow, I thought, how lovely! A nice quiet dinner with my mother, girls’ night out. Knowing her financial situation, I knew it wasn’t going to be anywhere too fancy but I figured somewhere a bit more upscale than Rotten Ronnies or Subway. A place where they bring the food to you. Perhaps I’m being too selfish? I don’t know. When I said yes, she then started on about how since we were going to be out anyways, I could drive her to Ikea, Superstore, etc so she could do some shopping as well. Ah, the truth comes out. She’s not taking me out for my birthday, she’s repaying me for being her taxi service. It wouldn’t have bothered me so much if she had just said she needed to go shopping and could I drive her. Instead she covered her true intentions by making it sound as though she wanted to spend the evening with me and celebrate the joyous occasion of my birth (ok, that’s pushing it a bit but you get the idea). Why can’t people just say what they mean? At least my brother tells it like it is – although he’s insisting on chocolate chocolate cake when he knows I like vanilla. I can forgive him for that.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Firstly, and most importantly, most sincere early best wishes for a happy birthday (well despite the chauffering and choking down meatballs under the guise of being treated to a birthday dinner).

We're not supposed to get much in the way of snow here - just cold as Hades (well colder, I guess) for a couple of days with some snow. Stay warm and safe.

I thought that it was only me that Blogger was hatin' or perhaps that they finally caught up with me at work, but glad to be back incommunicado.

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