Kitty's getting a spa day!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007
For 2007, one of my goals is to treat myself better. So, I'm taking myself to the spa just after my birthday and treating myself to an appointment with the adorable but slightly sadistic Tara. As I'm assuming this next visit will be very similar to my last trip there, I won't bother going over all the details once I return home. What can I say? There's something about buying new knickers (ooooh! must get some new cute ones!) and getting things waxed that just make a girl feel, well, "girly" - which is another of my goals for 2007 (along with buying and actually wearing a dress sometime this year).

And just a reminder, Red's birthday is coming up on the 15th of January. While I think she'll be off galavanting around the globe with her honey at that time, why don't you stop by her place and wish her much happy happy joy joy feelings on her special day?


Red said...

Yo, thanks for the props, Karen! But don't be shy... let's shout it from the rooftops that your birthday is also approaching, shall we? 12 January, guys... put it in your diaries...

Yes to skirts and dresses this year! I am determined to dress more feminine, stop resorting to denims 95% of the time and actually wear the high-heeled shoes I bought and received for Christmas.

* (asterisk) said...

Awww, you gals!

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