The Pickton Trial Begins

Monday, January 22, 2007
The Robert Pickton mass murder trial (part 1) got underway today with some extremely graphic and disturbing evidence. It seems that there were a number of old freezers on the farm, inside once of which police found two 5 gallon laundry baskets containing the heads, hands and feet of two of the six women he is charged with murdering in this part of the trial. Both had been shot in the head.

Many of the family members who were planning on attending the trial ended up being supoenaed shortly before the trial. Normally they would not be allowed to attend the proceedings except when giving their testimony but the judge has agreed to allow those family members to attend the opening arguments and then may sit in the courtroom after they have given their testimony. I can only imagine what it would be like for them to listen to this and to have to look at the man accused of killing their daughters, sisters, mothers, etc.
You can get a full report on the trial from CBC HERE or read today's article HERE.
The Pickton Farm has revealed the remains of more than 2 dozen women and it is believed that Pickton could have been responsible for the deaths of as many as 55-60. It is the largest serial killer investigation in Canadian history and if convicted, Pickton will be one of the worst killers in North American history. To put this into perspective, Jeffrey Dahmer killed 17. While one might argue that Dahmer's crimes were worse because he cannibalised some of his victims, it should be noted that some believe that Pickton fed his victims to the pigs on his farm. If you've ever been around a pig'll realize that pigs are not picky. They will eat anything and everything, including bone. Pickton then sold the pigs to various people.

The examination of the farm including RCMP officers, forensic investigators, and at one point, over 50 anthropologists. I believe I remember reading that they RCMP even employed students from UBC or UVic to assist with excavation. Due to the size of the farm and the amount of material to be examined, backhoes were brought in as well.

I had asked in a previous post why he just didn't plead guilty and put these families out of their misery. One of my coworkers, to whom I also posed this question, made a very good point. Why should he? For the past 5 years, Pickton has spent every day and night in jail/prison, getting three meals a day which he doesn't have to cook or clean up afterwards, someone else does his laundry, he probably has access to television, a library, exercise equipment, etc. What does he have to gain by pleading guilty? Nothing. The longer this drags on, the longer it will be before he's sent to a maximum security prison likely somewhere in Ontario (provided he's found guilty which seems likely) . No doubt he's enjoying his current notoriety.


Tanya said...

And the state probably will pay for your higher education should you wish to pursue that, if it's anything like here. Myra Hindley died with a degree she studied for while in prison. Which tax payers paid for.

Wandering Coyote said...

And all on the taxpayers' backs, not to mention. This trial and everything that's led up to it has cost the BC taxpayers millions. As did the Air India trial. As are the Olympics. It's ridiculuous!

Anonymous said...

Innocent until proven guilty. Remember that. Not innocent until believed guilty - innocent until proven guilty.

The evidence actually presented so far (not what the prosecution says they have) seems to support the defence position that this guy is a half dimwit. His responses to questions are sometimes disconnected from the question asked. Who is to say that one or more of the prosecution witnesses did not plant this evidence. Pickton does not seem to be observant about what happened on the farm.

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