The Ship Has Sailed Again...

Thursday, January 11, 2007
Sorry folks, I was trying to update my template with some of the new features offered with the switch to the new Blogger but it seems that I've lost most of the original formatting. Probably for the best as we've left Egypt behind and are once again sailing the seven seas. Please bare with me as we update the ship's log.
In other news, the end of the week has been shaping up quite nicely - off to see Pan's Labyrinth this evening with my SIL (she has tickets to an advance screening in town) and then tomorrow night, the shopping trip with my dear mother has been cancelled due to poor road conditions. It would be easier to skate from store to store than try to drive on the streets of Edmonton at the moment. Instead, she's suggested she take me to see yet another movie! Woo hoo! It will likely be Night at the Museum which looks quite silly but just perfect for a relaxing Friday night.


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