Al Gore for President

Monday, February 26, 2007
Would you vote for this man? Would you want him running your country? If I was American, I'd have to say yes.

Last night at the Oscars, Al Gore's documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" picked up two little golden men - Best Original Song (Melissa Ethridge) and Best Documentary Feature. Gore himself didn't actually receive an award but both winners thanked him profusely. Additionally, Gore and Leonardo diCaprio, one of Hollywood's greenest actors, did a small presentation together about how this was the first year the Oscar ceremony had gone "green" and was environmentally responsible. This wasn't really surprising considering how much hype there has been over the past year for An Inconvenient Truth and if it hadn't won best doc feature, I think that there would have been a theatre full of shocked industry types wondering what had just happened.

The response to Gore, and all the thanks and praise heaped on him by Truth's Oscar winners and his supporters was enormous. When he and Leo joked about announcing his intention to run for president, there were giggles and guffaws in the audience but the anticipation was almost palatable. The audience knew it was meant to be a joke but were secretly hoping (as I'm sure were many people watching at home) that he was actually going to do it.

When you think about the number of influential people that were in the Kodak Theatre last night showing their support for him, I think he should seriously consider running, even as an independent. Hollywood played a big part in getting Clinton elected back in the day. I'm sure we all remember him playing his sax on the Arsenio Hall show. With an American public that is growing increasingly uncomfortable with a Republican president hell bent on war in the Middle East, I think the Democrats have a very good shot at winning the upcoming elections this fall. However, they'll need to decide between Hilary and Obama, and put forward a united front. I have a feeling that the Republicans will settle on Rudy Giuliani and bank on people remembering his strong character and actions immediately following the 9/11 attacks. Should Gore throw his hat into the ring as a Democrat, it'll be a three way battle within the party and there's going to be some major casualties. But then again, if he runs as an Independent, he might end up drawing voters away from whomever the Dems put forward but possibly not enough to win himself and the States could end up back with another red president. Nuts to that I say.


Wandering Coyote said...

I'd totally vote for Gore, as I would for Leonardo. Leonardo's been a green promotor for a long time. I can remember him years ago talking about having a hybrid car.

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