Anna Nicole Smith - Dead

Thursday, February 08, 2007
Anna Nicole Smith, former Guess-Girl and all-round odd duck, has died in Florida. After gaining fame as the face of Guess jeans back in the early 90s (I think?), she dropped out of the spotlight for a while and then resurfaced when she married a man old enough to be her great grandfather. He was extremely wealthy, which I'm sure had nothing at all to do with it. Sure, it could have been love....right, and the moon landing actually happened (seriously, why haven't we been back...hmm?). Ha! Anyways, after losing a LOT of weight, apparently thanks to a wonder drug called TrimSpa (for whom she became the spokesperson), she gave birth to a daughter in the Bahamas. Days later, her adult son died after what sounded like a drug overdose. The daughter's paternity has since been called into question and Smith had been ordered to allow a paternity test. But her legal woes didn't stop there. TrimSpa and Smith were being sued, she was in trouble in regards to the house she had rented in the Bahamas and there was the whole big kerfuffle over her deceased husband's billions of bucks. There is no indication as of yet that Smith's death is due to suicide or an accidental overdose of some kind, but I'll admit that I wouldn't necessarily be surprised. Not necessarily newsworthy per se, but sad nonetheless.


Red said...

First of all: I love you, Karen. I thought I was the only real person (conspiracy theorists don't count) who doesn't put much stock in that moon landing idea. Nice to know I'm not alone!

We saw this in the news last night. Big gasp. I wasn't expecting it. I mean, do you expect anyone to die at 39? Anna Nicole had a bit of a rollercoaster life, did she not? And I love the expression of her old husband in the picture, it's like he can't believe it himself. I wonder if he single-handedly financed the development of Viagra...

* (asterisk) said...

I'm still not sure whether or not to post about this. I almost did last night, since I was at my desk working after we'd heard the news. But I just don't know what to think.

I've never been a "fan" of Anna Nicole, but from the stuff I've seen of her on TV, including her reality TV show, I found her to be an incredibly sad and lonely person. Someone who had barely come to terms with the fact that maybe people only thought of her as a joke, if not a gold-digger, too.

I think she was just looking for love and acceptance, and maybe she found it in an unusual place. Regardless of everything, she's had a terribly tragic life, and this is a horrible full stop to it all. Very sad.

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