A Bit Too Close to Home

Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Away at a meeting all day, I didn't see this bit of news until dinner time. It seems that Al-Qaeda has now threatened major suppliers of oil/gas to the US including Canada. As the Ft. McMurray Oilsands project isn't that far away, and the majority of Canada's Oil/Gas company headquarters are in Calgary, this doesn't make me feel very comfortable. Or secure. Or safe. While there was "no specific threat" mentioned, the Oilsands is the largest oil/gas facility in Canada, and probably one of the largest extraction projects in the world and you can probably bet money that this would become target #1. While Calgary/Ft. McMurray are more likely to be threatened, Edmonton also has a number of refineries which could easily become targets as well. In addition, Edmonton is the capital of Alberta and the Legislature is less than a five minute walk from my office. Again, not very comforting should someone want to disrupt the government infrastructure of what is one of the richest provinces in the country.

There have been a number of "threats" that have appeared on various Al-Qaeda websites which have not materialized but it's only a matter of time. Perhaps I should move to Saskatchewan. Nothing ever happens there. Just gophers and flat prairies.

To give you an idea of the scale and size of the Oilsands project, the picture on the left shows a dragline bucket (yes...that's JUST the bucket) taken in 1983. Add 20 years to that and you can only imagine how huge the equipment is. Picture from The Diesel Gypsy. It's no surprise why it would be an appealing site to terrorists.

Here's a picture of some of the smaller Tonka toys that can be found roaming around the countryside in northern Alberta these days.


greatwhitebear said...

Move to Saskatchewan? Might as well move to bloody IOWA! The difference between DesMoines and Saskatoon? 15 degress, and no Burton Cummings.

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