Bunnies and Britney

Friday, February 09, 2007
Someone mentioned to me today how much they loved receiving “updates” on the 30-Second Shorts created by Angry Alien’s troupe of Bunnies and was wondering when they could expect to receive an email sending them a link to their most recent on-screen antics. Well, y’all will have to wait a few more weeks. It seems they’re finishing up work on a Bunny James Bond medley re-enacting classic moments from Bond movie history. According to the website, it should be released towards the end of February/early March. As well, they’ve started work on an “interpretive synopsis of Spiderman 1 & 2” and will also be undertaking a remake of Pirates of the Caribbean (which should be most entertaining). In the meantime, here are links to my favourite Bunny films and a clip to remind you what they’re all about. You can also click on the AngryAlien website to get a full list of their shorts and updates on what they’re up to. Enjoy!


While searching for a YouTube clip to include, for some reason it directed me to this video for Pepsi. I don’t remember seeing it here in Canada. Could it possibly be the dumbest commercial ever made (well, it does have Britney in it after all…)? And correct me if I’m wrong but is that Enrique Iglesias?


Gardenia said...

Borrowing a computer until I get mine hooked up - so not seeing the videos yet - but will go back and check them out!!!!

Poor Brittney - I just figured her initials are BS - I do hope she gets her act together since a couple of little kids depend on her - What if Federline got them - shudder

Anna Nicole's death left me incredibly sad as did her son's - I wish things could have been different for them...now what will happen to that poor little baby? Anna may have been sort of a fruitcake, but she loved her boy.

Red said...

Oh, yes, we had this Pepsi advert in the cinemas. You are quite right: that is Enrique Iglesias. Before I played it, I kept thinking "Now, who was the third girl? There was Britney, Beyonce... who was the third gal? Lil' Kim? Mary J Blige? Jessica Simpson?" It was driving me nuts. Then I played it. Of course! Pink, the original "Stupid Girl". What an impression she has made, eh?

Uh-oh. No word verification word available... I hate it when that happens. Wish me luck...

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