Edmonton Man Murdered, Dismembered

Friday, February 23, 2007
Edmonton has recorded it's 6th murder of 2007. Yes, that doesn't seem like very many to some of you, especially those that live in larger urban centres but considering the size of Edmonton, it's not a good start to the year. On more than one occasion, we've earned the dubious distinction of being the murder capital of Canada (based on murders per capita).

The latest victim was 23 year old David Wong. Four men are currently in custody and charges have been laid in connection to the murder. Mr. Wong had been partially dismembered. Police were called to the apartment building when neighbours heard a man screaming but they left when they didn't find anything wrong. Later, when blood began seeping into the bathroom of the suite below Wong's, the police returned again and found the body and the four men who have been arrested with it. Apparently Wong and the men in custody knew each other and had gang ties. I don't believe it's been stated yet how exactly he died.

This recent murder resulted in a very interesting discussion with a coworker yesterday. In most large urban centres, especially in the US and even Toronto and Vancouver, you find a large proportion of violent crimes are committed with the use of a firearm. This isn't the case in Edmonton and hasn't been for a number of years. The majority of violent crimes, including murder and assaults, in Edmonton are committed with knives. It's a bit surprising.

Stabbing someone is far more personal than shooting someone. If you fire a gun at someone, you don't have to be face to face with them or even in their immediate vicinity. It's an impersonal weapon and I would think that that is part of the reason that many criminals choose one (in addition to the fact that they're intimidating and relatively easy to get). Plus, you can fire a gun and kill someone without having to aim at anyone in particular. You might not even realize that you've killed someone. Stabbing involves touching your victim. It also involves a certain amount of physical strength. You have to be up close and personal with your victim in order to use a knife. You know that you're stabbing them, possibly taking their life. It takes a whole lot of cajones to stab someone, or a whole lot of stupidty. Perhaps some sort of weird combination?

Knowing that it takes much more to stab someone that to shoot them, it makes me wonder what's happening with people in Edmonton and area that's causing them to resort to this type of violence. Certainly with the lack of housing (affordable or otherwise) in the city (and much of Alberta), I can understand the increase in crime but murders, stabbings, and violent crimes? There must be more going on.

And yes, I have been kicked out of my 12-step rehab program for sneaking in a Blackberry...as Coyote said, there are worse things to be addicted to.


Tanya said...

That is quite scary. I think that people in general have no respect for the lives of others. I blame TV and Movies and video games.

Sheamus the... said...

crazy stuff...now that I live in Charlotte every time I turn on the news there are murders going on all around me...weird. It's like two worlds in one.

greatwhitebear said...

Their are pretty good explanations for both your sudden rise in crimes, and teh use of knives rather than guns.

Any time you have a boom econcomy like the one Alberta is currently experiencing, you bring along with it vast social problems.

First, you birng in lots of transcient people, with no families or ties to the town. People with too litlle to occupy too much spare time. Many of whom are fleeing desperate situations elsewhere. Add to that cronic housing shortages, overwhelmed social services, and you have a recipe for trouble.

as for the shooting thing... It has always been a myth that Canadians are less violent than Americans. Look at Vancouver and Seattle. Both incredably similar in size and demographics. And with virtually identical violent crime statistics. Except Vancouver has about 1/5 the number of murders Seattle does. As Vancouvers police chief points out, "you're a lot more likely to survive a stabbing."

Canada's much stricter gun controls make it much less likely you wll get shot, especially in the "heat of the moment" kind of crimes.

Anonymous said...

Crazy thingis i went to school with half of those guys, The big issue is The drug problems in the city, They were all coke head losers and now they will pay, How sick do you have to be to cut someone up, they should all rot in hell for all im concerned

Anonymous said...

Socialism, a favorable attitude towards drugs and gun control. DUH!

Anonymous said...

I knew both the victim and the accused very well... Until you have to walk and live a day in their shoes you should keeps your comments to yourself.. And for the record none of them were " coke heads " like someone had said.. David Wong was a father, a brother, and a son to a loving family.. My heart goes out to everyone involved in the case all the way from the victim to the accused..

Anonymous said...

My wife and I were almost stabbed to death a few days ago over 5 bags of grocieries... this happened right outside of save-on-foods at the downtown airport. We were aproached by several gang members who didn't even look poor or hungry.

It is sad that a few items of food are worth far more than our lives...

if someone politely asked for help because they are hungry, my wife and I are the type that would give the shirts of our backs to help out.

Now we feel like prisoners in our own home and don't go out much

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