The Key To Motivating Your Employees

Thursday, February 15, 2007
Yesterday I had to attend an offsite department wide meeting. It was to discuss each division's plans for the next year (as well as long term projects) and to reinforce the vision and values of our ministry (no, not a religious ministry). In attendance was the new Minister of ----------, under whom our department falls. This was the second time in two weeks that he/she has come to visit us and give a quick speech. I had never really given it much thought before but it's dawned on me that I'm one of the many small cogs in the big machinery of government. The Minister of -------- reports directly to the Premier, the big cheese in Alberta. Mr. Ed (Stelmach) runs the province. Having such close access to these big wigs, and having spoken with some of them (oh yes, I'm "known"...) and the role my direct boss (who's leaving us by the way...damn!) plays in important decisions for hundreds of thousands of Albertans has suddenly come crashing home. Methinks I need to start taking things a wee bit more seriously around the office, without losing my natural perky, bubbly, vivacious self. It was made clear to me during one of our group exercises yesterday that I was under no circumstances allowed to leave our little department and that people look forward to my giggley self each day. Aw. They like me, they really, really like me! Suddenly I feel like Sally Field...

To kick off our meeting yesterday, we were shown this clip (Quicktime required) on motivating employees (note that it might take a while for the clip to load but then again my computer is notoriously slow). Don't worry, it's not your usual boring corporate clip. It quickly set the tone for the rest of the day and we all learned that no matter how bad things seem, "it could be worse". Enjoy.


Gardenia said...

Well, it sounds like the new person is a needed pickup - and also a good manager - oh change is always so inevitable and we don't know for sure what we are looking at when it happens - I can't find my headphones to look at clip - I'm still unpacking - still -

And yes, it sounds as if your position does indeed make a difference - I wish we had had just ONE bubbly person at the County, just ONE!

I'm not missing work - yet.

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