Multiple Males, Big Questions & a Free Book

Monday, February 05, 2007
A few months ago, I filled out a survey for the House of Anansi Press and was told I'd receive a free book in return. Well, it took a little while (apparently there was a HUGE response to their survey) but it finally arrived today. It's an interesting little book (less than a hundred pages and fits in your coat pocket) and since it was free, I'm going to pass it on. The first person to email me will get their very own copy of "Have Your Poo Rolled Away by Dung Beetles and 99 Other Things to Do Before You Die".

***Congratulations to Tina aka Sniffy for being the first to respond!!!

One of the things they suggest to do before you die is have multiple orgasms. And apparently they're not just for women. Here's what the book has to say:

It's supposed to be harder for men, but there are plenty of techniques around, with most involving control of the pubococcygeus, or pelvic floor muscle, the one you use to stop peeing. The aim is to prevent ejaculation by squeezing the muscle at just the right time, allowing men to come and come again. Kegel exercises are the first step - work your way up to 30 squeezes, three or four times a week. Sexologists recommend giving your pubococcygeus a workout during tedious meetings, so watch your colleagues closely during the next office borathon. The ultimate solution, though, must be the orgasmatron. Currently being developed by a doctor in the US dubbed Dr. Pleasure, this spinal implant allows you to have an orgasm at the push of a button. Now where's that remote got to?

The book is full of interesting things to try and do, although some of them are out of reach for most individuals (a trip on the vomit comet or having your DNA sequenced). A number of the ideas involve watching the sky and all the wonders it has to offer. While reading the book today, I began to wonder about the origins of the universe, without getting too philisophical about the whole thing. We've all heard the theories on how planets and solar systems form, cosmic dust, swirling gases, big bangs, etc. The planets and stars formed out of pre-existing elements. But where did those elements come from? If the universe encompasses everything, how was the universe created? Some may argue that God did it (or some other "higher" power) but how did God come to be then? It's all a bit overwhelming.


Sniffy said...

Sounds brilliant, I'll have two! Books, not orgasms. Multiple orgasms are weird, but great. You think you're done then, ey up, what's this? And then you have another!


kelly said...

hmmmm...something else i never knew

Wandering Coyote said...

Now I know what you'll be doing during your next staff meeting.

Red said...

So I'm supposed to squeeze my pelvic floor muscles 30 times, three or four times a week, just so "the man" can have a multiple orgasm? What's in it for me, Karen?!? (Except for a beautifully toned pubococcygeus, that is...)

Tanya said...

I heard that men who practice Tantric sex can achieve multiple orgasms.

I am one of the lucky few who doesn't have to worry about a man having multiple orgasms.

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