Murder #7 - You guessed it, a Stabbing

Friday, February 23, 2007
This morning we recorded murder number seven. As I headed into the downtown area this morning, I heard the bus's radio announce the stop on 107th and Jasper was closed. While it sounded quite odd that the stop would be closed (no construction in the area), I figured a bus has just broken down. Traffic was slowed to a crawl and I realized I was going to miss my connection so I got off on the stop across from the one that was closed. EPS had police-taped the entire north side of Jasper Ave between 7th and 6th, there was an empty bus parked there and police cars all around. Due to all the traffic and the other pedestrians milling around, I couldn't see anything and chocked it up to someone getting rearended by the bus (or vice-versa). I continued on my way to work. It seems it was much more serious. An argument on the bus had spilled out onto the sidewalk where one of the two men involved was stabbed to death by the other. I also received news about another stabbing (not fatal) that occurred early this morning at one of the subway stations near the university.

Does anyone who lives in a relatively non-violent city or small town have a spare room that I could move into? I'm quiet, I do dishes, and love doing laundry. I'd even be willing to vacuum now and again if necessary... plus I'm really cute and lots of fun. Help.

EDIT: CBC finally has an article up about it on their website.


miss ewe said...

Yikes! That's crazy, and awfully close... keep your head out and stay safe out there!

miss ewe said...

Ummm... UP. That should read "keep your head UP".

Candy Minx said...

I was shocked to find out that Edmonton was so dangerous...I didn't know that till I was there right...and the area where I had to travel out by the mall I found really rather terrifying. A strong sense of some of the architecture and if it wasn't so cold out, I might have been really was too damn cold for the bad guys even!

Alasdair said...

Karen - how about a small town 3 hours jet flight north of Edmonton?! I've never locked my door, my keys are always in my vehicle (that way I don't lose them), and I've never locked my mountain bike. I also like cute girls that do laundry :-)

Used to live in Edmonton just off of Whyte Avenue - one of our last nights in town, we had someone trying to come into our bedroom through window (we were in a basement apartment) and me (fairly large athletic fella) plus baseball bat gave intruder idea to go elsewhere. Figured then it was time to leave.

You do laundry and can sing to Tom Jones in a bar - definitely OK!!!

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