Valentine - Saint or Hallmark CEO?

Thursday, February 08, 2007
CNN had a news story in their OffBeat section today about a man in Seattle who proposed to his girlfriend in a commercial during her favourite television program. Hmmm. It’s probably a good thing he received the answer he was looking for. Seems that Rand Fishkin (yes, that’s his real name) wanted to originally propose to his lady during the Superbowl but that plan fell through so instead he managed to get a commercial during Veronica Mars.

I have to say that I’m not a big fan of the public proposal. That’s a lot of pressure to put on someone. I could see how the person being asked might feel cornered into saying yes at the moment and then have to decline the offer later. That's not good for anyone involved. And what if the woman (let's just use a "she" as the example) turns the guy down right then and there? Humiliation on a grand scale. In the Superbowl example, it wouldn't have just been the people in the stadium seeing it, but the millions of people on television in the US and Canada as well as US troops overseas! Can you imagine? I'd rather run around the field naked and have it broadcast on the jumbotron than experience that. To me, something as important and hopefully romantic as a marriage proposal is meant to be shared between two people. Perhaps a couple of close friends, or a few family members, even strangers in a restaurant. Not half the country.

For me, I'm not about the big gesture. It's the little things that count more than the big showy display once a year. You might guess that I'm not a big fan of Valentine's day. Rather than receiving a bouquet of a dozen standard red roses on the same day as every other person (those that are in relationships anyways) simply because there's a holiday that says you're supposed to, I'd rather be surprised by a single yellow rose or bright gerbera on a random day simply because that special someone is thinking of me. Who needs chocolates, bonbons, or expensive jewellry when you can be surprised by a post it note saying "I love you" or something equally mushy (but hopefully original) in your lunch any other day of the year.

Now some of you might suggest that I'm bitter about Valentine's day because I've never shared one with a sweetheart, snuggle buddy, lover, boyfriend, partner, sweet cheeks, stud muffin, or whatever other pet name people call their significant other. Not true. The bitter part that is. It's true that I've never shared the holiday with someone. I'm not bothered by romantic gestures, or public displays of affection, nor do I begrudge those of you out there who are truly in love. The problem I DO have with this "holiday" is that you're expected to be romantic on this particular day. Why should you need a special day to tell someone how you feel or show how much you appreciate them? Frankly I think that's crap. And those people who get married (my father and his wife) or engaged on Valentine's day, could you get any cheesier? Although you're pretty much guaranteed that your spouse will never forget your anniversary.

Like all "holidays" out there, Valentine's has become a commercial event. People buy/send cards, candy, flowers, stuffed animals, jewellry, etc thinking that this means "love". To some, perhaps it does. To me, not so much - perhaps part of the reason I'm still single... I'm not saying that it's not nice to receive these things. But instead of some big extravagant showy display in the middle of February, I'd rather someone surprise me with an unexpected kiss in July, or reach out and hold my hand while at the movies in September, or a hug from behind while cooking dinner in January. It's when you show someone you love them when they're not expecting it that means much more than on that one day a year when you're told you have to.

A slightly sad, and potentially embarassing confession, I came home today to discover my little vibrating friend lying in the middle of my bedroom floor. Upon closer inspection, I noticed a number of small cat-size teeth marks on it. Looks like Valentine's day is going to be a bit more lonely this year...


Tanya said...

I hate Valentines too. We don't do Valentines. It's another commercial holiday for people to make loads of money and to pound the self esteem of the hapless.

Red said...

Hurrah for holding hands while at the movies in September and hugs from behind while cooking dinner in January! I'm into those too.

You're right, Valentine's Day has become such a "flowers and heart-shaped balloons" event, we no longer take part in it. Not sure we ever have, actually... Certainly I don't recall ever going out for dinner on Val's Day. God, can you imagine being surrounded by smooching couples at every table? Bleah, that's too much even for me to take, and I'd be one of them!

Nah, we'll buy each other a little something something, one of us will draw the short straw and have to cook, and we'll probably work long hours, since we're missing the previous day in the office due to dentist appointments.

And I'm am so sorry to hear about the premature demise of your buzzing friend. Darned cats!

* (asterisk) said...

Bad Kitty!

Valentine's Day is just a reminder to those people in unfulfilling relationships that they ought to be nice to each other once in a while.

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