Another Stabbing and a Lowe Trade

Friday, March 02, 2007
The local news is reporting that there was another bus terminal stabbing last night. This one involved teens and one of the three victims (no deaths ... so far ... ) was as young as 13. More details to follow. Edmonton, it seems, is hell bent on keeping its title as Edmonton's Murder Capital. At this rate, shouldn't be a problem. I'd say we're currently on target for somewhere between 45 - 55 murders this year just in the city limits itself (add another 10ish if you include the capital region). Perhaps we should start a pool?

A reward for the stupidest move by a hockey organization, manager, and/or arena staff goes to The Oilers, Kevin Lowe, and/or the staff at Rexall Place. According to the story, Oiler fan Robert Vaughan (I wonder if he's making a movie here or just in for the game...?), wearing a jersey that read "Trade Lowe" was stopped by two men claiming to be Oiler reps, took him to the basement and told him to remove the lettering. I'm picturing a bare overhead lightbulb, swinging slightly for dramatic effect, and the sound of a leaky pipe in the background, drip-drip-dripping... All over some pieces of duct tape stuck to the guy's jersey. What happened to free speech? And frankly, Lowe deserves a little bit of bashing for everything he's been doing with the team lately. For an interesting take on all things Oilers, head on over to Covered in Oil.


R2K said...

: )

Tanya said...

Perhaps Edmonton is on a sort of bad energy ley line.

kelly said...

say hi to my friend jed, he's in edmonton this weekend picking up a puppy...a bull mastiff

Gardenia said...

Very scary that statistic - I hope you look under your car before approaching and are being very very careful!

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