Bush Declares War On Iran

Thursday, March 29, 2007
Ok, I suppose technically he hasn't ... yet. But face it folks, we all know it's coming, and sooner rather than later.

When 15 British soldiers were taken (captured? arrested?) by Iran recently, I admit that it had me a bit worried. However, it seemed as though things might be working themselves out and there were promises of at least one soldier, a woman, being released. Tony Blair decided to grow a pair of balls, albeit small ones, and is doing his best George W. imitation by telling Iran the shit's going to hit the fan if they don't play ball. Probably not the best idea considering how President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad feels about the US and UK at the moment. Let's just say Blair and Bush won't be getting any Christmas cards from him this year.

Now reports are that the US has 15 warships and over 100 warplanes located in the Persian Gulf which are performing maneuvers and wargame-type exercises. Hide your sons and daughters folks, there's a war a-brewing and you might want to grab a sweater - there could be a draft in the future. This is one time Georgie boy should learn to keep his big Texas-sized nose out of other nation's affairs. Let the UK and the United Nations deal with Iran and find a solution to getting the British soldiers released. It is NOT the Americans' job to act as police, judge, jury and executioner for the rest of the world. Frankly I doubt the world's problems would be as bad if the US focused on it's own domestic issues first before jumping in blindly to "rescue" the rest of us.

Bush (and Blair in his negotiations with Ahmadinejad) needs to remember that Iran has been messing around with nuclear technology for the past few years and if you piss anyone off enough, they don't always react rationally. But then again, perhaps this was GWB's plan all along? We all know he's not the sharpest tool in the shed, perhaps he just just got confused between Ira-N and Ira-Q. It's easy to see how. Besides they're right next to each other on the map. That's why he didn't find anything in Iraq. The weapons of mass destruction he thinks Saddam was hiding are perhaps hiding in their neighbour's garage.

Things are escalating WAY too rapidly and it's not going to turn out well for either side. The world is in serious trouble and if we're not careful, it might be too late to turn back.


Gardenia said...

Eeeyup. You got it. Those warships, etc. have been placed I think for over a year....waiting....lurking.....

I'm with you - if we had minded our own business as a nation, we'd have been one up on the 9/11 situation before not after....we'd be feeding, clothing, housing, and making sure everyone here is insured, etc.

You better believe its the corporations running the whole scenario - Georgie Porgie will only exist as long as he's useful to the big "C's" - when he's not, they'll throw him away like a dirty Kleenex - along with Halliburton man.

You better believe we better hide our kids - hmmmm, is this similar to the hebrews hiding their kids from a wacko ruler?

Tanya said...

I think it's alraedy too late.

Red said...

What I don't understand is why only a handful of nations are allowed to have nuclear weapons. Who is the US to tell Iran they can't have a nuclear programme? It's a democratically elected government, so why not? The irony is that the US is the only country that has unleashed nuclear weapons on another nation, and now they're the nuclear weapons police?!?

(Incidentally, Iran maintains their nuclear programme is a energy-related, not bellicose.)

* (asterisk) said...

We're all doomed. The UK, the US, and a few other nations need to get their shit in order. It's not about bowing down to terrorists; it's about trying to understand why people hate us.

Yes, it is partly to do with our wanton freedom; yes, it's partly our non-Islamic faith. But it's also that our leaders show no respect to hundreds of nations around the world. Yeah, that might be something to do with it...

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Naturally oil prices have also jumped since the planned release of the female saior didn't happen. Iran is also benefitting from that development,as well as being able to do a little flag waving of its own. There really aren't a lot of good guys in this entire scenario.
I wish everybody would just take their damn toys and go home.

Sniffy said...

It's difficult to know what to do, but it's obvious that Iran has done this to get a reaction out of the UK. It's best to ignore them and not give them the attention they seek.

Or blast the fuckers back into the dark ages where they belong. Backward bunch of shits.

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