Dammit Jim, You're a Senior not a Singer!

Thursday, March 22, 2007
Happy...Birthday....William....Shatner. Fellow Canadian Captain Kirk turns 76 today. Born in Montreal, Shatner it best known for his role as James Tiberius Kirk on the original Star Trek series but has also found fame through other television programs such as TJ Hooker, the host of Rescue 911, and as the Big Giant Head on 3rd Rock from the Sun. Younger viewers will more likely recognize him as the AllBran spokesman or that annoying guy from Priceline.com.

Watch out for tribbles, Captain, and have a great birthday.


Sheamus the... said...

oh Shatner...I dont even know what to say here but I felt i needed to say something. "Live Long and Prosper Willy boy".

Tanya said...

Gotta love the guy. He's 76? Wow. Happy Birthday dude!

Stagg said...

Boy is is handsome in that photo. He is also amazing on Boston Legal!

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