Dust off the ballot boxes...we're headed back to the polls.

Monday, March 19, 2007
Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is in the process of delivering his budget speech to parliament at the moment. CBC is reporting that both the NDP and the Liberals have stated they will NOT support the government's budget. What does that mean for Canadians? Time to choose a new Federal goverment...again. After just over a year in office, Stephen Harper's government is likely to fall and we'll be heading back to the voting booth (or in Canada's case...a cardboard ballot box). Note that there has been no challenge to the budget as yet, just what the CBC is reporting...once I have definate news, I'll be sure to pot. I'm pretty positive which way I'll be voting this time around. Do you?

Update: Apparently if the Bloc decides to vote with the current government, I've been told the budget will pass. Hmmm, hopefully the Bloc will see sense and join the good people in the Liberal and NDP parties...


Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's the national past time, don't you know?

kelly said...

oh yippee i can hardly wait..another umpteen million dollars gone to waste on an election....buncha grandstanding morons, doing "whats best for Canada"...gimmee a break...doing whats best for their pensions and expense budgets.

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