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Sunday, March 25, 2007
Engineering an Empire continues on History Television - tonight was supposed to be DaVinci's World but it didn't discuss DaVinci at all. A bit disappointing but it did spend most of the hour discussing Brunelleschi's Dome. The write up is incorrect and actually refers to an upcoming episode on Napoleon. Perhaps someone was drinking when they were entering it online. Who knows. Regardless it was still fascinating. A technical and mathematical genius, he's really quite a fascinating character. He invented a number of different cranes and pulley systems in order to construct the dome, the largest one ever built using bricks and mortar. Upcoming episodes include Greece in the Age of Alexander, Napoleon: Steel Monster, the Maya: Death Empire (which I commented on before), and the Byzantines. It also seems that having to take Art History twice (because I missed the stupid final exam...long story...) has paid off. I'm fantastic at being able to recognize and name various buildings (and their designers, if known) from just about any period of history, from the ancient world through to modern times. I need to go on Jeopardy...

In other History Television news, on Monday March 26th (and again on April 8th and 9th), they will be premiering a special entitled "Vimy Ridge: Heaven to Hell". Not merely a recreation of history, "viewers will be on the ground with the Canadian Corps through a battlefield archaeological excavation. Found objects are subject to analysis—each one allowed to tell its own unique story; to reveal the untold personal experiences of Canadian ground troops and their enemies." This is, obviously, to help commemorate the 90th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge which is on April 9th. I'll be watching it tomorrow night and give you my review.


Gardenia said...

I loved art history - if I were younger (might anyway) - I would go back and major in art history. I have this HUGE book about Leonardo - lots & lots of his mechanical drawings - what a mind! Thanks for the heads up on upcoming series -

Lifetime channel has a new show on Sunday nights (I think its new) - kinda spooky - enjoying it, it is called "Blood Ties."

Alasdair said...

Wish I got the History Channel - we can't order it up here in the NWT Karen. I'd love to see the show on Vimy Ridge. I'd likely end up watching the channel all the time - that and Food Network, which we also don't get here. Thankfully!

I guess I could get a satellite dish and get all of this, but....

We don't have cell phones either.


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