FIFA U-20 World Cup

Saturday, March 03, 2007
The FIFA Under 20 (U-20) World Cup will be held in Canada this year and they drew the groups and the teams' positions this afternoon. Here's how they're stacking up (cities in brackets indicate the location of the stadium that group will be playing in):

GROUP A (Edmonton)
1. Canada
2. Chile
3. Congo
4. Austria

GROUP B (Burnaby/Vancouver)
1. Spain
2. Uruguay
3. Jordan
4. Zambia

GROUP C (Toronto)
1. Portugal
2. New Zealand
3. Gambia
4. Mexico

GROUP D (Montreal)
1. Poland
2. Brazil
3. Korea Republic (South)
4. USA

GROUP E (Ottawa)
1. Argentina
2. Czech Republic
3. Korea DPR (North)
4. Panama

GROUP F (Victoria)
1. Japan
2. Scotland
3. Nigeria
4. Costa Rica

With the exception of the opening game for their group which will played in Toronto on Canada Day, Canada will be playing all of their games in Edmonton. A quick check of the website shows that tickets are very reasonably priced - hopefully there will be some left later this month and I'll grab a pair before they're all gone. This is the first time the FIFA U-20 World Cup has been held in Canada and the first time it has been held in North America since 1983 when it was held in Mexico.


Krista said...

EEEEP!! Exciting!
For Christmas, Mom and Dad sprung for 9-game passes for the whole fam. I'm so pumped.

greatwhitebear said...

that sounds like a truly exciting event, Good luck getting tickets.

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