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Friday, March 02, 2007
Friday's are supposed to be better than Thursdays, right? It certainly started out that way. I took the day off as big brother asked me to help my sister in law take the kids to the museum and I had my follow up with Dr. H. this afternoon.

The visit to the museum was great as always. The kids love the Bug Room and know exactly where the dinosaur exhibit is (Avery's favourite). We made sure to visit the Syncrude Aboriginal Gallery again and the kids remembered "Auntie Karen's Pot" from our last visit (in university, I volunteered at the Provincial Museum and did some pottery reconstruction with one of the staff archaeologists - guess all those jigsaw puzzles paid off!). Until July 2nd, the feature gallery is a photographic exhibit of Galen Rowell's work. The kids didn't really like it as there were no buttons to push or deer poop to admire. We ended up eating lunch in the museum cafeteria and it was surpringly yummy. (Note: the picture on the right is not my pot).

It seems as though a Chinook is about to hit Alberta this weekend - thank goodness! No more -20C days for a while. However, as much as I love the warm winds coming off the Rockies and the rise in temps (Edmonton usually gets the tail end of Chinooks), it wreaks havoc with head and I can be guaranteed a migraine. It began this morning and when I stepped outside to head out for our visit to the museum, the light warm breeze on my face confirmed what was coming. I'll likely spend most of this weekend with a cold compress and two sleepy cats.

All in all not bad - I can deal with the migraine and the visit with the family was what I'd call "good times". The doctor's visit did not go quite so well however. My BP was lower according to the machine than the last visit (123/90), but the lower number is still not where Dr. H wants it to be. As usual I got in early but he had a medical student with him who saw me first. As he didn't know my history, we spent 20 minutes discussing it and then he took my BP again. He left to consult with the doctor and they came back together ten minutes later. He's happy that my BP is going down but it's still not where it should be after two full months on the meds. For now, we're increasing the dosage of the Altace to 10mg and he's also sending me to a renal specialist. HUH? Don't worry - I don't suddenly have kidney failure! It seems that due to the fact that my BP has not normalized and my age (apparently I'm quite YOUNG! least medically speaking when it comes to blood pressure), his "spidey senses are tingling". And no, I'm not making that up...he actually used those words. Have I mentioned how happy I am to have found my doctor??? Anyways, it seems that in women my age, the high BP might not be merely a result of the PCOS and the family history of heart problems. There's a possibility that it might be Renal Artery Stenosis. Essentially, the main artery leading into the kidneys gets narrower/blocked and to compensate, the BP raises in order to push through more blood. Dr. H isn't saying that I have it or that it's the cause of my BP but he wants to cover each and every option. So, I had another round of blood work and in the next couple of months (hopefully) I'll be off to see some guy (or gal) about my kidneys. At least there was no mention of the dreaded scratch and sniff today.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm really glad that your doctor is continuing to investigate possibilities. Her certainly sounds like a keeper. I hope that you can pinpoint this soon and get effective treatment.

That said (waggles fingers), if it's been over a year since your last pap, you really should have one.

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