George Bush as Xerxes?

Tuesday, March 06, 2007
Or is he Leonidas? This is a debate apparently beginning as the the much anticipated movie, 300, is set to open this weekend and it all began with a simple question asked of the director, Zack Snyder, by a reporter at a press conference for the movie. I'll admit, I doubt I would have thought of this myself. George Bush is the last thing I'd like to associate with a movie that I've been dying to see for the past six months and stars one of my favourite actors, Vincent Regan (not to mention a bevy of fellow barechested Spartans - yes, sometimes I'm THAT shallow). However, the question is an intriguing one and will likely be talked about for quite some time to come. As the article states:

The questioner, by Mr. Snyder’s recollection, insisted that Mr. Bush was Xerxes, the Persian emperor who led his force against Greek’s city states in 480 B.C., unleashing an army on a small country guarded by fanatical guerilla fighters so he could finish a job his father had left undone. More likely, another reporter chimed in, Mr. Bush was Leonidas, the Spartan king who would defend freedom at any cost.

Personally, I'd have to agree with the person who originally posed the question, Bush is trying to outdo his father and leave an exciting history for which he will be remembered. However it is certainly easy to see he has shades of the second reporter's idea of Leonidas. Leonidas will of course be depicted as the hero of the film, defending his country against evil foreigners bent on the destruction of his homeland, and paying the ultimate cost. Hasn't Bush claimed that as his justification for his involvement in Iraq, the "acceptable" human loses on both sides, and the only acceptable action after 9/11. Bush will go down in my version of history as a war criminal, doing whatever it takes to achieve his own aims.

I'm disappointed, although intrigued, that I came across this article before seeing the film. I would rather have watched 300 untainted by thoughts of comparison's to the younger Bush's presidency. However, now that I have read it, once I get a chance to see the movie, I'm pretty sure I'll a few things to say...and some of them might not be so nice. Georgie boy...get ready for hell.

In other movie news, the Black Sheep homepage is up and running. The site is hilarious. Sheep you...


Sheamus the... said...

Well...300 is heavily based on a book that was published in 1998 before Bush and such. So I like to think that each character represents a character in an awesome movie that is an awesome movie because that is what it is going to be.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That Black Sheep website is amazing, thanks! I could get totally hooked on the sheep-killing game. Oh that sounds bad, doesn't it?

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