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Monday, March 19, 2007
Thanks to everyone for their kind words over my melt-down yesterday. Its nice that y'all care so much. I'm going to be alright just having some trouble dealing with a personal issue, and I'm not ready to discuss it or the person involved at the moment. Never fear, it will take more than a few tears to keep me down. As I mentioned to a friend yesterday, it doesn't help that I'm feeling a bit anxious over my impending specialist appointment later this week. After doing some Googling about what my regular GP mentioned it might be, I'm not too happy about the possible treatments. I'll keep y'all updated. Thanks again for thinking of me but the time to really worry is when I post nothing at all for more than one day. In case no one's noticed, despite my protestations of being a quiet, reserved individual, it seems I can ramble and almost always have something to chatter on about. And despite Sniffy's protestations to the contrary, I have no doubt that the men of Manchester (and of course Sheffield...Sean Bean's from there after all) are very manly. They have to be - the name of their city has "Man" AND "Chest" in the title.... ;-)

Dr. Charles, a website Alun linked to recently, has a very good post today on Fast Food Franchises in Hospitals. I wasn't aware that hospitals of all places had big name fast food restaurants in them but apparently some do. I knew the world was going to hell in a handbasket when my university got rid of the fabulous deli and homecooked meal spots and brought in Pizza Hut and Subway. If you can, I'd also recommend you check out the Doc's post on Spelt (the article Alun mentioned). Very interesting look at the great grain. I had my doubts about spelt when I first heard about it years ago and always associated it with hippies and vegetarians. However, while working at the university, I would often whip in Roots Organic Market to grab some lunch. They offered the world's best bread sticks (and very good for you!) topped with sea salt and made with your choice of white, wheat or spelt flour. I decided to try the spelt one day and they were fabulous. If you get a chance, give them a try.


Tanya said...

Hey... if you ever get tired of men.... I am sure the lesbian world would be happy to dip you in something delicious and embrace you with much gusto!

* (asterisk) said...

You're one of the most prolific bloggers I know, so if you were absent for a day i would certainly notice. Indeed, so prolific are you, that i dread visiting after a week away... That's, like, 73 posts to catch up on!

I knew about fast food joints in hospitals from reading Morgan Spurlock's excellent book Don't Eat This Book. Pick it up if you can.

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