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Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Crossed another item off my To Do List - the annual mother daughter event. However, as you'll see if you read the post, I did change it slightly.

None of the non-fiction books I've got floating around the house right now are catching my interest. In fact, some (like Von Daniken's second book "Gods From Outer Space") are annoying me so bad, I almost feel like tossing them across the room. What to do about it? Get rid of them all - time for a book purge - and focus on finishing Don Quixote so I can then focus all my attention on War and Peace. God, I hope it's as good as Crime and Punishment (minus the ending...).

So, I'm getting rid of some books. Rather than taking them to the local used book seller who, frankly, strikes me as a rip off artist, I'm giving you, my peeps (god I'm such a goober), first crack at them. If you'd like one of the following, please let me know by emailing me and I'll send it to you. Free. No charge. Can't get a better deal than that. Or if you feel bad about ALL the postage I'll be paying, we could always do a book exchange. Again, just let me know.

Collapse - Jared Diamond (hardcover)
Politics - Aristotle
The Spartans - Paul Cartledge
Agnes Grey - Anne Bronte
The Weather Makers - Tim Flannery (hardcover)
Worm in the Bud - Ronald Pearsall


kelly said...

very impressed with the books you choose to read...I looked at my pile of books to read (i counted 53) fiction, mysteries, thrillers, that type, 2 non-fiction, on my choice of topics and 2 work books ....gag ....managment in the fire service

* (asterisk) said...

None of those titles really appeal to me, but your book exchange idea intrigues. Trouble is, how long before we all start complaining...? "I sent a book with not a single crack on the spine, and what do I get in return? This dog-eared, busted-spine piece of crap?!" Oops, have I said too much...?

Alun said...

There's two copies of the Spartans wanted on BookMooch. This would also allow you to get a book or two back.

Tanya said...

I found v. Daniken's books difficult to get into. Then again I was 12.

Like your book idea, though like *A, none of those titles appeals to me. I may just have to copy you when I need to get rid of some books.

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