Improving Your Visitor Count

Monday, March 12, 2007
Seems Alun was right. He had a post last year about how to improve the visitor count to your blog. I took note and tried to incorporate some of his suggestions although I don't always have something interesting to say. Also, my titles often lack that "punch" necessary to hook someone and turn them from a one time viewer to a regular visitor. Oh well, as he says, step 1 is to forget about the numbers. The steps that I have managed (I think anyway) to use well are #2 - link to others (I like to provide others with the recognition they deserve) and #5 - use pictures/interesting images.

Now my fascination with Tom Jones will only draw so many panty throwing grannies, and sometimes posting pictures of my furry friends bring crazy cat people who scare me. However, when discussing a movie, I like to include a copy of the poster (or a still from the film) to jog people's memories. Well folks, it has paid off - for one day at least. I've had a few days when I've managed to write something intelligent and well thought out and its resulted in high scores for page loads and unique visitors. These usually top out at about 125 page veiws. Not too shabby for my tiny little piece of the web. Imagine my surprise when I checked my stats this morning and noticed the HUGE jump in visits on Sunday. I had an astounding 364 page views and 281 unique viewers (and 9 returnings... ha ha). And it's all thanks to a picture of one of the movie posters that I had linked to from the film 300. Sure it's not the Nobel Peace Prize but it made me feel pretty saucy this morning.


Tanya said...

What do you mean crazy cat people scare you? You know us don't you?

Oooh. You know where we live... Maybe it is YOU who are the crazy cat person....

dear me..... *panic*


oh! and word verification word: hxsaydvl, which I translated as hex say devil

Tanya said...

Useful tips from that blogging dude, though.

* (asterisk) said...

Wow, those are some impressive figures, girl!

Sniffy said...

I'm not sure improving your visitor count is all it's cracked up to be. The best way to get interesting debates going is to find blogs that are similar to yours and to leave comments on the posts that grab your eye. People generally check out those who have taken the time to comment on their blogs and if yours is interesting to them, they'll stick around and say hello.

I get a few visitors to my blog who never comment and I've no idea who they are. I find this quite frustrating as I am nosy and I like to know what people think about stuff.

Lee said...

I rarely check that stuff, but last time I checked visits by referrals, I noticed a buncha people came over cuz of some movie called 23.

How dissappointing for them!

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