Leviathan (1989)

Sunday, March 04, 2007
Tonight's film was an underwater horror classic (at least for me) - Leviathan, starring Peter Weller (RoboCop himself), Richard Crenna, Ernie Hudson, Hector Elizondo, Amanda Pays, and Daniel Stern. Underwater deep-sea miners encounter a Soviet wreck that appears to have been sunk on purpose. They bring back a dangerous cargo to their base on the ocean floor with horrifying results. The crew of the mining base become unwilling participants in a genetic experiment gone wrong and must fight for their survival, against each other and the company which seems to have abandoned them. This was part of a wave of underwater movies including The Abyss and Deep Star Six that appeared during the late 80's and early 90's. Mom even commented part way through the movie saying "It's like Alien but underwater".

Originally I had wanted to have a double feature but no one in the city carries a copy of Deep Star Six and I couldn't find a copy to download. Not surprising considering it was the least popular of these type of movies. Leviathan is one of those movies I thought I could watch over and over again - I used to love it. Rewatching it last night, I was surprised by how bad the acting really was. Amanda Pays was terrible and her accent, while real, sounds incredibly forced and fake. Daniel Stern was great as was Ernie Hudson. Peter Weller, the film's star, is awkward - I don't know how he ever became an actor. Oh wait, RoboCop only required his voice and face for most of the movie...

Dinner was originally scheduled to be tuna fish sandwiches (get it?). But after the doctor visit (see my main blog), we opted to just order pizza instead. I suppose we could have got anchovies but...ick. A great tie into the movie would have been popcorn, pepsi and vodka (not mixed together) but I don't drink very often, mom doesn't like pop or vodka, and we had popcorn the day before.

Overall, a mild success. Mom wasn't overly thrilled by the movie although watching her face during some of the "scarier" scenes showed that she was completely caught up in the plot. And a bit freaked out. I would recommend Leviathan as I still enjoy it (despite the acting). However, don't expect award winning special effects or Oscar calibre performances. Just have a good time. A great review of Leviathan can be found HERE.

Any suggestions for our next foray into film and food?


Anonymous said...

Can you believe I still have Deep Star Six, Leviathan and the Abyss on VHS! If only I still had a VHS player!


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