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Sunday, March 04, 2007
Alun from Archaeoastronomy has a podcast site, Clioaudio. What's it all about you ask? His tagline pretty much sums it up: News and features about History, Classics and Archaeology. All the past from prehistory to the space age. It's fairly new so there are just two podcasts to listen to at the moment but they are quite fascinating. In his most recent podcast, Alun shares his views regarding the supposed "Tomb of Jesus" and the documentary which will be airing on the Discovery Channel tonight (Sunday March 4th)*. You can listen to Alun's podcast by clicking on the link to Clioaudio above.

* I am now supremely pissed off. A quick check of the TV listings shows that the Tomb of Jesus is NOT showing in Canada tonight. It will be playing on the American version of Discovery Channel. Bastards.


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