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Sunday, March 04, 2007
Is Wasabi NASA's new secret space weapon? Seems it can be quite dangerous when flying around inside the space station.

Vampire bat epidemic in Alberta? Nope, just a little rabies. Seems an Edmonton area man, who was bitten by a bat back in August, has developed rabies. Why on earth did he wait so long? Perhaps because there hasn't been a human case of rabies in Alberta in 20 years...?

Headscarves = Dangerous? FIFA has supported a decision by the Quebec Soccer Federation that players are not allowed to wear headscarves while playing. FIFA reps referred to Law 4 of their regulations which outlines basic equipment and said that players cannot wear anything which would endanger themselves or other players. This includes jewellry. I think they should expand this rule and limit male players from wearing those thin hairbands many use to keep their sweaty locks out of their eyes while playing. Everyone knows that they could easily slip off, another player could trip over them and hurt themselves. Or worse still, an opposing player could grab one and slide it around their opponents neck and strangle them. Dangerous indeed. Ridiculous more like it.

Armageddon is coming! Run for the hills! Oh wait, that was just a lunar eclipse. No worries folks, the reddish tint some of you may have seen was not the apocalypse described in Revelations "the whole moon became as blood" but rather just the earth's shadow. However, if the stars start to fall "to the earth, like a fig tree dropping its unripe figs when it is shaken by a great wind", then you can begin to panic. Unfortunately those of us in western North America weren't able to see it. However there will be another lunar eclipse in August that Europe will miss out on so, take that!

Anne Coulter is an ignorant cow. That shouldn't come as a shock to anyone. She's the female equivalent of Bill O'Reilly. And FYI honey, when you had the operation done, you should have asked the doctor to get rid of the Adam's're not fooling anyone.


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