Oilers Break Losing Steak

Saturday, March 24, 2007
Yes folks, it's true. The Oilers FINALLY won a game. Last night they downed the Colorado Avalanche 4-3 in a shootout (thank you Marty Reasoner!). While there's no way we'll make the playoffs this year, our win (and Colorado's loss) will have helped the Flames inch one step closer to securing a place in the playoffs. We might not be champions but at least we can be spoilers :)


Alasdair said...


Sooooooooooooooo good to see the boys finally win one last night - the Smythie Jinx was really, really starting to get to us all! Let's hope that this summer sees Ryan come back where he belongs and that the Oilers manage to win a few more games before the end of the season. We'll not have that glorious playoff run we had last year, but the memories of that still remain and we've gotta be hopeful for the future. As we have had to have been for so many years now!

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