Oilsands Development Good News for Alberta Archaeology?

Monday, March 19, 2007
The Globe and Mail is reporting that Alberta's Development Boom Helps Fossil Hunters Hit Pay Dirt. "But the deluge of artifacts and historical sites also has scientists battling industry concerns that the development projects will be shut down if workers hit upon something interesting. " - this is part of the issue on which I would like to see some more work done. Sure, surveys and governmental clearance are required before oil companies can begin to dig. However what happens when the survey doesn't reveal anything significant but a site is uncovered later on, after government has also given clearance to the company to begin it's extraction? How many sites have been destroyed because the companies involved are worried that if they report their findings their projects will be delayed or potentially shut down, costing them millions of dollars in lost revenue?

There are many reasons I'm happy to live in Canada and not in the United States. One of them is that ... "Under the legislation, the Crown owns historical objects and sites regardless of where they are found. Anybody who discovers a historical resource must notify the province. The province monitors online auction sites such as eBay for rogue sales of artifacts, and have issued polite tut-tuts to the "owners," most of whom said they didn't know the object wasn't theirs.". Very different compared to the US and their focus on the individual and their right to property.


* (asterisk) said...

I think the Crown owning stuuf is the same here. I guess it's the same Crown, so that would make sense. It's kinda quaint, ain't it?

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