Putrid Piles of Puppy Poo

Monday, March 12, 2007
Ah the joys of spring. It's the same all over - the snows begin to recede and the grass once again begins to peek out from beneath all the sludge and muck. But do not be fooled. The grass, leaves and garbage aren't the only things to become exposed to the crisp spring air. The light breeze that helps melt the snowbanks also brings the unmistakable scent of the innumerable piles of decaying doggie doo-doo. Just as the sweet smell of cow patties floating through your open car windows as you fly down the highway marks summer in Alberta, Fido's fragrant feces clearly smells spells the arrival of springtime. If you have a dog in the city and you walk it on city streets and sidewalks, kindly scoop the poop after Rover's potty break is over.

Another quick movie review -Dawn of the Dead (2005) directed by Zack Snyder. Yep, same guy that has given us 300 (yippee!). There's nothing quite like a zombie movie right before heading off to dream land to ensure a pleasant night's sleep. Just ask Heather, she LOVES zombies. I swear my neighbours came very close to calling 9-1-1 last night when they heard my screams of terror as a cat jumped on my face. I should have known it wasn't a real zombie...according to the movie they only attack humans, not animals. Sheesh. It's hard to make a bad zombie movie...um, wait...they're all pretty cheesy aren't they? But that's what makes zombie movies so much fun: The Fromage Factor. My only complaints about this zombie flick was the zombie baby (puh-lease) and the undead's mobility. Fast moving zombies? So wrong. Although it does make the film a bit more exciting, everyone knows that zombies are notoriously slow movers. I say it again...sheesh. I could understand perhaps giving them a slightly wider range of motion but allowing them to move faster than Donovan Bailey, or even Ben Johnson on steroids? That's just not done. One of the big plusses for this movie? Canadian actress Sarah Polley. She's been acting in Canada for years, nice to see that she's getting more attention in the states (hey...there are worse films she could have done!). Some of you might remember her from The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. I'm still waiting to see her in Beowulf and Grendel. For a fun time, lots of blood, give it a rental - and lock the pets out of the bedroom (just in case...).


Barbara Bruederlin said...

2005 Dawn of the Dead is actually a pretty good remake, but if you want to see fast moving zombies, try 28 Days Later - yoiks!

Heather said...

You should turn on the director's commentary for the scene where Sarah Polley's character is putting on shoes in the mall lost and found. It's really funny!

One of these days, we're going to have to get together and have a zombie movie night. :)

And yes...28 Days Later is a SCARY zombie movie, even by my standards.

Tanya said...

A cat jumped on your face? Excellent. I woke up with two of them lying on my chest staring at me. Joy.

There are loads of notices over here to discourage "dog fouling". Doesn't make any difference. And the village newsletter each month has someone ranting about it. My theory is that it's so dull in the village that people don't clean up after their dogs deliberately just so there is something to rant about in the village newsletter.

Red said...

Nobody picks up their dog's poo here either. In fact, the other morning I saw the biggest pile of it ever. I'm not even sure that it came from a dog, more like a horse, though we don't see many of them around here. I always hope that the only people who step on them while wearing flip flops are the same people who left it there for us to admire. I might have said it before, but people are idiots.

Wasn't Sarah Polley in My Life Without Me or something along those lines, along with Mark Ruffalo?

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