"Hump" Day? Furthest thing from my mind...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007
What a stupid name for Wednesdays. I'm home today, in a bit of pain so thought it best to just crawl back under the covers and ride it out. It seems I'm going to have to explain the situation to my boss regarding my sick days and all my upcoming doctor's appointments... Oh well, at least she's a she. In the meantime, if anyone wants to send me a pizza and a coke, I'd be eternally grateful.

Took Alun's advice and signed up for BookMooch. Within half an hour, and while I was inputting my wishlist, I received requests for three of my books. Holy smokes, folks. I've now received requests for two more (naturally the largest, heaviest books of the lot). The last two are from the states which wouldn't be so bad but the postage for my hardcover of Collapse is going to be a bit much I'm guessing. I'll give it a day to see if anyone here in Canada (or at work) would like it first.

The weird and wacky news is a bit slow at the moment so nothing interesting to report on that front. I have, however, applied for a couple of new jobs. The supervisor from my previous position at the university emailed me yesterday with a link to a new job that's been posted in her department. With my previous experience in the department and the fact that only one of the people conducting the interviews wouldn't know me already...chances are high. Another plus this time around is that it's not a maternity leave position - it's permanent.


Tanya said...

Poor girl. Hope you feel better soon. I would say GO FOR THE JOB. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Just go for it.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Hope you're feeling better tomorrow. And definitely check out that job!

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