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Thursday, March 22, 2007
Today, despite the dreaded appointment with the internal medicine specialist, was a pretty darn good day. To start with, the new doc introduced himself by his first name (never had that happen before). No tie or lab coat, just a button up shirt and dress pants. Very informal. Good news from my meeting with him. He doesn't feel I have Renal Artery Stenosis due to the fact that my BP has gone down with the medication (although it's still a bit high). If it hadn't gone down, then we'd be testing for it. Whew! No xrays, no surgery required. So that means no one has to worry about sending me flowers, crossword puzzle books, regular books, or a portable dvd player ;-) (unless y'all want to...).

However, we've changed to a new medication (and increased the dosage yet again!). I didn't get any hassel from him about my weight which was surprising as he weighed and measured me (I'm officially 5'5"!) but he did mentioned trying to include more fruits and veggies (naturally), avoiding salt (damn), and trying to get at least 30 minutes of excercise (eg: walking home from work) most days of the week. All things I'm trying to do anyway. I have to go back to see him in a month (and the fabulous Dr. H in 2 weeks) but just to make sure I'm not having any major reactions to the new medication and to retest the BP. Another bonus of meeting with him? He told me I was YOUNG and HEALTHY. I almost asked him who he was talking about. That officially makes two doctors who said the same thing. Perhaps it is true.**

I stopped by the pharmacy to get the new Rx filled on my way home and decided to pick up the weekly lotto tickets for the gals at work. The girl (yes, it's ok to call her a girl - she couldn't have been more than 21) looked at me and asked, in a very serious voice, do you have ID? I laughed and asked her if she thought I looked that young and she replied, you'll get a kick out this one, "Well, you look under 25". I was stunned and didn't know how to answer except to pass her my ID. Nothing like making a girl feel good about herself on a stressful day.

I ended my day (so far) on another positive note - I found an abandoned Twoonie in the parking lot of my building and I've managed to read 5 chapters of Don Quixote. I heart Thursdays.

**I still, of course, have the PCO issues which I mentioned to the specialist. He commented that "there's a lot of that happening". I bet there's some sort of environmental/food additive connection.


kelly said...

well then..heres to a good thursday

Stagg said...

Hey sounds really good! You are young and healthy and don't forget that...that is half the battle to healing and being healthy! I am so impressed by your DQ reading nice work!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm so glad to hear that no surgery is required. Well done, you!

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