UEFA Eurocup 2008 Qualifying Results

Wednesday, March 28, 2007
Czech Republic 1 - 0 Cyprus
Bulgaria 0-0 Albania
Hungary 2-0 Moldova
Ukraine 1-0 Lithuania
Romania 3-0 Luxembourg
Israel 4-0 Estonia
Republic of Ireland 1-0 Slovakia
Liechtenstein 1-0 Latvia
Malta 0-1 Greece
Northern Ireland 2-1 Sweden
Wales 3-0 San Marino
Georgia 3-1 Faroe Islands
Turkey 2-2 Norway
Azerbaijan 1-0 Finland
Poland 1-0 Armenia
Serbia 1-1 Portugal
Slovenia 0-1 Netherlands
Italy 2-0 Scotland
Andorra 0-3 England
Spain 1-0 Iceland

My score: 73/135 (54%)


Red said...

How do you work out your score, then?

Italy played beautifully, we should always be that hungry for victory. Yay!

Alun said...

Egad! Liechtenstein beat Latvia! Did Latvia turn up?

Gardenia said...

My last comment went to outer space - I too am extremely worried about more war - it doesn't make sense to me - I think we should leave them alone - however the way things work now, we have outsourced everything, we need oil, more oil, and more oil, little Israel stands a bastion of democracy - I don't know - I just know I don't like war and death.

A friend high up in government was telling me about the deployments and positionings about 8 months ago.

LOL, I found myself inspecting the machine that the blood tubes were hooked into yesterday, thinking, now how can they sterilize that? The hospital in Casper had a big to-do with a surgeon because he discovered that somehow his tools had been in the sterilization process and the tools were contaminated with a very caustic cleaner used to clean car engines! They ended up harassing him until they ran him out of the hospital. He's now building his own surgi-center.

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