Upcoming Dinner and A Movie Night

Sunday, March 25, 2007
I need your help.

I know it's still a week away but I have to start planning my monthly "Dinner and A Movie" date with my mother. You'd understand if you realized the trouble I had trying to locate a copy of Alien of all movies. Sheesh! Inspired by Red's wonderful looking meals, I'm thinking of making a broccoli risotto (was going to make this week but now I'll wait) but I need some ideas for the rest of the meal. What would you guys suggest? I'll need another veggie suggestion and some sort of animal flesh (no cow please). Or feel free to suggest an entirely different meal altogether. Please note that my mom will eat just about anything - I avoid mushrooms, olives, and seafood at all costs.

After that, I'm taking suggestions for a movie. Remember, no "chick flicks". Classics are ok, as are horror, action, adventure, science fiction or a really good comedy (ie no Jim Carrey crap) or mystery. Foreign films are also a possibility but must apply to the rules above. If you'd like, you can give the dinner/movie suggestions a theme - can't wait to see what you come up with if someone suggests a zombie flick...


kelly said...

for meat.... how bout vanilla cider pork medallions with pears

Barbara Bruederlin said...

mmm kelly that sounds good.

Asparagus are starting to look quite nice in the stores now.

I just watched Amelie last night and it was wonderful! If you don't mid subtitles. It's charming and quirky and funny, and the colours are gorgeous.

kelly said...

i looove asparagus...had it last night....broiled, with a balsmaic vinegar reduction and olive oil drizzle

ok this sounds way to goofy and frou frou...its really easy though

boil balsamic vinegar till reduced drizzle on asparagus and drizzle some olive oil

now i'm shajing my head at myself

Tanya said...

Movie: They Live - John Carpenter. Can't go wrong with that. A bit cheesy, but good.

Food: Chicken enchiladas and a nice salad

Red said...

Thanks for the shout-out, girl! I must say, all this talk of asparagus has got me going. Have you considered asparagus and lemon risotto? It's divine! I've never cooked it myself, but I have had it cooked for me. Mmm... I might be able to find a recipe for you if you need it.

As for the film... We recently watched The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada and I thought it was the best film to come out of the US in a loooooong time. Excellent, excellent film.

Karen said...

Um, before this gets out of hand, I should probably mention that I hate asparagus as well. Sorry folks. Tanya's idea of chicken enchiladas sounds good - I think that I'll go with chicken fajitas (with lots of peppers and onions). Now folks, we just need a movie that goes well with Mexican...

Red's suggestion of "The Three Burials..." is a good one. I had heard about a few months ago and was looking forward to seeing it although I'm not sure if it's one Mom would enjoy. I will however start my list of "possibles" with it.

Any other suggestions?

Kelly - can you email me a recipe for the pork and pears? dalmatica (at) yahoo (dot) ca.

Big brother said...

Six String Samurai
With special appearance by your favoritest band ever - The red Elvises.

And since the russians play a big part in teh movie, go for some borsch

There. Now I've posted a comment.

* (asterisk) said...

Whoa, look at you hating on compatriot Carrey!

I could suggest Desperado with a tex-mex menu, if Three Burials seems too serious.

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