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Saturday, March 10, 2007
For those in the Edmonton area, there will be a CLIMATE CHANGE RALLY at Noon on Sunday in Sir Winston Churchill Square. This will be followed by a showing in the Edmonton Room of the Churchill library of An Inconvenient Truth at 2:30pm (I think...). I'm going to try and head out there if I can manage to get most of my usual Sunday stuff done before then. If I do, I'll bring my camera and take a few pics.

Alberta is experience a huge increase in the number of reported cases of SYPHILIS. And it's all because of our booming economy. Eeew. Perhaps its best I'm not getting any... What I find particularly interesting is that it's not limited to one particular age group. It's being reported in every spectrum of the population, from teenagers to seniors.

Edmonton's violent streak continues. And yes, it once again involves the transit system... Three teenagers attacked another teen at the West Edmonton Mall bus depot after he refused to buy a bus pass from them. I also heard on the radio while at the store checking lotto tickets this morning that there was another stabbing reported overnight. Great. Can't find a news story online about it yet but I'll keep looking - perhaps it's become so commonplace that the local news no longer bothers.

I was painfully reminded this morning by someone who shall remain nameless that the Oilers suck donkey ass this season (not their exact words but sums up the situation so much better). It's pretty much a given that the Oil will NOT make the playoffs this year but that the Shames are on course to squeeze their way in. Please please please don't let Toronto make the post season... It's really no surprise that the Oilers won't be making it this year. They've played pretty crappy all season and Kevin Lowe has managed to make some terrible decisions, most notably getting rid of Ryan Smyth for a couple of prospects. I'm all for making trades and getting young players who will help the team in the future but you can't just give up on the here and now. Plus, getting rid of Smyth who loves Edmonton and has played his entire career here? Not to mention all the charity work he and his family do - the residents of the city are still a bit pissed off. Kevin Lowe might want to be careful when out and about for the next little while.

March is the start of the marathon training. Not off to a great start as I was having a few problems getting used to the doubling of my BP medicine dosage. Things seem to have settled down now, although the dry scratchy patch in my throat has returned - it should disappear in a week or two though. I've picked up the weights again a couple of times and hit the giant staircase in the rivervalley once already (I'll get pictures next time I try them). I noticed once again that the medication is helping as I was able to get more than halfway up the stairs before stopping and that was just to catch my breath for a minute. On Thursday, I walked home from work (3.25 KM) and went out again this morning (4.2 KM). Sure, I'm still pretty far away from 21 KM but baby steps, right?

I've made some additions to the sidebar, including a "Worthy Causes" section. These are the two charities for whom I'll be raising money this year. The first, as always, will be the CIBC Run for the Cure in support of breast cancer research and the money will go to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Registration hasn't opened up yet but as soon as it does, I'll update the link. The second is the Stollery Children's Hospital. This is the official charity of the ING Edmonton Marathon and will go to help sick children from around the region receive the best medical care available. The donation link for the Stollery is open for anyone who would like to make a donation/sponsor me. Note that the donation link is through the Running Room so don't be worried that your money is going somewhere it's not supposed to.

That's it for now. The sun is shining once again and we're on track for yet another gorgeous +6C day today. Unfortunately that means huge puddles and lots of slush and mud. Oh well, can't have everything right?


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