Monday, April 02, 2007
No, I'm not practicing to be a pirate. I'm aggrivated, pissed off, and annoyed. Again. My trip to the doctor was pointless. Remember a while ago when I sat for over an hour at the doc's office and no one noticed me (despite having checked in when I arrived) until five minutes before closing? Needless to say my blood pressure was through the roof by the time they took it. Perhaps I didn't blog about it...I can't find the entry I thought I had written. Oh well. My point happened again. I sat in the waiting room for over 40 minutes before they took me in. Colour me hypertensive. And then the nurse just stuck me in a room and left. Without hooking me up to the BP monitor. I had to go back out to the nurse's station and ask her if she was going to do it. Oh yes, my BP was a smidge higher (132/98) than it was last time we checked at the specialists office (120/89).

When Dr. H commented on it, I told him that my appointment was (by now) supposed to start 50 minutes earlier and that I now had ten minutes to get home before my mother arrived for dinner. He apologized profusely and said that would explain the rise in the number. The dry itchy cough that attacks me mostly when I try to sleep is much worse although the dizziness has ended. Both he and Dr. K, the specialist, said that I shouldn't be getting a cough with this new medication. Well, apparently I'm just a freak I guess.

Rather than change the type of medication (YET AGAIN!), I asked if we could stick with it for a month and then discuss the options it at the next specialist appointment at the end of April. Dr. H thought this was a good idea and was happy to leave things for now if that was my decision (have I said lately that I love him?). So for now, it's a sit and wait situation. I have to monitor my BP at one of those machines in the pharmacy a few times before the next appointment to give him an idea if it's working or not. No problemo.

Canada is having a great run at the Men's World Curling Championships taking place this week here in Edmonton. Currently leading Korea 9 - 0 (!!!!) in the 7th, they have a perfect 4-0 record so far. Awesome. My only complaint is their uniforms. White and red jackets, black pants - so far, so good. Until you look at their disco-era white belts. WHAAAA? Come on guys, show a little fashion sense please! The world is watching.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

You aren't losing it - you did blog about this happening before. How insane-making. What is the problem at that office? They are just lucky you don't pack heat.

Wandering Coyote said...

We had the curling on during our wind up banquet tonight. I don't think the Koreans get a lot of practice. Our skip said she heard that their goal was to play 10 ends in each game no matter how badly they lose - because they realize what a great learning experience this is.

Tick off re. the doc. I seem to recall a post about it, too. Some clinics are just not on the ball and have no respect for your time - even though it's just as important as theirs.

kelly said...

way to go barb and coyote i was gonna get everybody to make her think she was losing it...we could have made up blogs and told her she posted tons of stuff that she didn't remember

* (asterisk) said...

Is your doctor's office staffed by total fucking idiots? Sounds like. Maybe you need to take a seat right in their eyeline next time. Fuckwits.

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