Thursday, April 05, 2007
Can anyone recommend a good vegetarian cookbook? I have yet to find one that looks worth buying. Nothing too fancy or frou-frou, but not too simple. I already know how to boil water and peel a potato. But I'm not quite ready to prepare a seven course french culinary masterpiece. I don't mind putting a bit of work into a meal but I don't want to spend all day making it.


kelly said...

i have a really good one for cooking vegetables, whether you use them as side dishes or whatever..its not really a vegetarian cookbook, but a vegetable cookbook, well maybe cause its about vegetables it could be, maybe not cause it doesn't concern itself about proteins or anything...hang on a sec I'll grab it....its called "Perfect Vegetables"...go figure. ISBN 0-936184-69-8, I think, print is small and my glasses are...ummm somewhere

miss ewe said...

Any and all Moosewood cookbooks! They are fantastic -- I especially like Sundays at Moosewood (which is all adapted international cuisine) and Moosewood New Classics is my other favourite of theirs, though I have about 5 different ones!
Another great one is the Rebar Modern Food cookbook -- Rebar is a Veg restaurant in Victoria, and the recipes are really interesting and different, but mostly not OVERLY complex.

Martin said...

Yo yo yo mutha:

Violet said...

I agree with Miss Ewe! - The Moosewood cookbooks are fantastic, have all sorts of recipes (ranging from fancy to simple) and they're easy to follow and use.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I believe I have a Moosewood soup cookbook which is pretty deadly. I'll have to look it up.

* (asterisk) said...

We've got one we can send you, Karen. Also, don't buy The Lovely Bones, and we'll post that to you at the same time.

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