Coreys of the Caribbean

Monday, April 23, 2007
The Bunnies are back with a new movie which strikes right at the Captain's heart...Bunnies of the Caribbean (1 and 2). Again, not a bad attempt but it's certainly not as good as some of their former flicks (will anything be able to top Jaws or Alien?). Next month, March of the Bunnies/Penguins.

A&E, sticking true to their current form, will be giving yet another former celebrity their own reality show (whatever happened to great shows like American Justice). However, this time around it's not just one pathetic hasbeen - it's two! Reigniting the great argument that they are indeed joined at the hip, Corey and Corey are getting their own show as well as being guest columnists on with the truly unoriginal title: "Dear Corey". The television show will be called The Coreys: Return of the Lost Boys. Ooooh. How exciting. Seriously, is the world ending? Is the sky falling? Have I missed all the signs?

Oh! And I almost forgot! I'm an award winning blogger! Ok, not quite true but I am an award winning labeller! Voted on by the zombies of Cowtown, I have been awarded the much coveted Labia award of the week for my label "Moving Your Man Meat". Eat your heart out fellow bloggers. Surprisingly, I only received one response from a male reader but that was from Kelly in BC so I'm not sure if that counts (just kidding...).

Hockey news - Calgary, sadly, is out of the playoffs (although score another correct pick for me). Tonight will decide the Vancouver/Dallas series (go Canucks!!!).


miss ewe said...

Yeah... drag about the Flames. That was tough to watch, especially after Moss missed the big empty net above Hasek in the first OT. I'm a bit worried about Van tonight... but GO CANUCKS!

* (asterisk) said...

The Coreys... Man, what a waste of space.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You completely earned that Labia Award! (and Z-list celebrities is pretty sweet too!)

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