A Day of Rest? Not Likely...

Monday, April 09, 2007
It's been quite the eventful weekend. Made it home from the family dinner last night but they practically had to roll me down the street. Sister in law's auntie R made it up from Calgary, and her half sister drove in from Manitoba (not just for dinner, mind you). Ten adults and two kids altogether. Dinner was fabulous as always - foccacia and sourdough loaf for the bruschetta (sorry folks they ate it all - yes, it was THAT good!), scalloped potatoes (just a few slices left in the bottom of the pan), brussels sprouts, caeser and garden salads, lamb, ham, various cheeses and crackers, and the truly evil Mundare sausage. I resisted the lamb (ick) and the ham (slightly ick) but no one can resist the temptation of the Mundare. I limited myself to 6 or 7 bitesize pieces. Mmmmm. It ranks right up there with bacon. We finished off with cherry and apple pie topped with vanilla ice cream. Sorry, we were too busy stuffing ourselves to take any food-porn pictures to share. Afterwards we relaxed with the Egyptian Mummy adventure game they gave me for my birthday. Didn't manage to finish before putting the kids to bed (it's nice when kids request your bookreading and snuggling services!). All in all a very good visit.

Today, mom and I are off for breakfast and shoe shopping (we need to get her some decent running shoes for her marathon training). So much for a quiet day at home.

The Canadian Men's team skipped by Glenn Howard beat Germany led by Andy Kapp to win the Ford Men's World Curling championships this weekend (8-2). And yes, they wore the fabulous white belts and black pants. In Canada, we're stylin'.

More tragedy this weekend. On the 90th anniversary weekend of the battle of Vimy Ridge, where almost 9000 Canadian soldiers were killed or wounded over the course of the four days, six more Canadian soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan when their convoy hit a roadside bomb. Considering this is a weekend where the Christian world celebrates the rebirth of their saviour, it makes it all the more tragic.

For movie fans, think you know Quinten Tarantino? Find out just how much you know about him by taking this quiz.

AND! I have about 130ish pages left of Don Quixote....I'm determined to finish it by the end of the day. Must run! I'm off to shower and then run off to begin the day. Will check in with everyone in a few hours...


Barbara Bruederlin said...

It sounds as though you had an excellent get-together with your family. We were originally expecting my sister et al from Manitoba, but they had to change plans, leaving the three of us to plow our way through that massive turkey. Fortunately we were up for the challenge.

The white belts came through in grand style, and well done Edmonton on hosting a great World's(and that means even more coming from a resident of Calgary).

Candy Minx said...

Sounds like a great food fest!

You are the champin of reading!

I took the qiuz here is my result:

"Tarantino’s an auteur? No you are the auteur. Of quiz taking"

* (asterisk) said...

I'm with Candy: I got 10 out of 10 on the QT quiz. It was pretty easy, though, since I've read like three biogs of him!

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