Friday the 13th is unlucky? Not so far...

Friday, April 13, 2007
It’s true. Everyone in Canada hates Toronto. The feeling is so widespread they’ve made a movie about it.

I took the plunge and joined a gym this week. The same gym that the sister-in-law belongs too (but hasn’t worked out at for a couple of months…). It’s been a very good week. I walked home from work last night and Tuesday, and worked out at the gym on Wednesday. Tonight it’s back to the gym and likely taking the weekend off to recuperate. When I mentioned the possibility of joining to her, she got very excited. We both have similar attitudes to working out – we don’t want someone to work out with but we both need someone to go with us so we get out of the house and to the gym. This should workout (ha ha) well for both of us. The gym is part of the World Health Club chain. Lots of equipment – I didn’t have to wait for anything when we went on Wednesday. Every time you turn around it seems there’s a trainer within five feet of you in case you have any questions (and no, they’re not bothering you). Plus they have televisions that you can watch while you’re on the cardio equipment. Each cardio machine has a box you can plug your own headphones into and listen to the channel that’s on one of the televisions. Awesome, especially now that it’s playoff season! The real bonus is that they have a “women only” weight room. I don’t have a problem being all sweaty, red and generally unattractive in front of other gym rats when working out but I feel self conscious for some reason on the weight machines or when using free weights. I did most of my weight training in this room on Wednesday and felt much more at ease (there’s almost no one in there, ever). This will hopefully help get my butt in a bit better shape for the marathon that is only … EEEK … 4 months away! If you'd like to help inspire me, you can make a donation to the Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation HERE. So far, we've raised $60 thanks to two fabulous donors who shall remain nameless.

Not much else happening these days. Hope you’re all well.


Sniffy said...

The Reuters report about Toronto isn't strictly correct; everybody in the UK who lives outside London hates London. Toronto and its weather extremes or lovely Vancouver on the coast? Not much of a contest really.

Gym, I must get back.

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